Return Fire (Windows)

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Return Fire Credits


CreatorReichart Kurt von Wolfsheild
DesignReichart Kurt von Wolfsheild
ProducerReichart Kurt von Wolfsheild
Senior Programmer (W95)James J. Host, John L. Saleigh
Lead Programming (original 3DO version)William A. Ware
ArtworkVan Arno
Map CreationVan Arno, Michael Angelo Purcell
Associate ProducerPhilip Blood, Michael Klug
Special ToolsCJ Little, Jeffrey Parker, Edgar C. Tolentino
Audio/AVI EditingJeffrey Parker
TestingMichael Angelo Purcell
ResearchMichael Angelo Purcell
Special ThanksMark Beaumont, Markus Breyer, Sharon Cole, H. Perry Dahm, Ron DeRuyter, Tracy Egan, Dan Van Elderen, Scott Gamel, John Golden, Takeshi Hasegawa, Berry Kane, Charles Dominick Lombino, Andrea Lucas-Bundesmann, Mitzi S. McGilvray, Gregory Randall, Lanette White, Lilian Wilson
Director of Product DevelopmentBill Hindorff
TesterBrian Fritts
Test ManagerCurtis Soldano
Lead TestMike Kruse
LicensingCJ Welch
Manual DesignMorgan Haire
ManualJon Mongelluzzo

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