Return Fire (Windows)

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Written by  :  James Walter (284)
Written on  :  Apr 28, 2004
Platform  :  Windows

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One of my all time favourites

The Good

Return Fire is one of my all time favourite games. There are two types of gameplay where you can either play by yourself or against another human opponent. This option meant there were plenty of missions. This game also uses classical music for the soundtrack which is certainly a different idea. Oh, and the laughing skull you see when one of your vehicles gets destroyed is hilarious!!

The Bad

The choice of vehicles is very limited. The jeep can only be used to collect the flag, the helicopter has only light armour and the ASV is useful only on smaller levels because of its slow speed. That really just leaves the tank which is a good all rounder. The level entitled Campgrounds of America also brings back bad memories (if you've played this game you'll know what I mean)

The Bottom Line

I spent hours playing this game and never got tired. I must admit that I never completed it! The classical music is a good idea but the game would have benefited from a wider variety of vehicles.