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Windows version

The main menu
The story begins with Mina washed up on an island.
The island your on is a large volcano!
Most action screens are played out like a storyboard.
A puzzle to solve - fix the mill but first get the monkey to let go.
Mina dreams of Captain Nemo.
Your inventory.
Healing Jep a monkey you befriend to help you with the hard to reach areas.
A view through the entrance of Granite House.
Your watch is a phone with GPS and you get the news.
You find some pictures to tell the story of the islands previous inhabitants.
Captain Nemo's sub.
Those lines on the horizon are not a graphical glitch (like I thought).
A funny picture of Jep during the credits.
A Circuit Board Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzle door lock
Captain Nemo's Quarters aboard the Nautilus
To solve the game, you must answer 6 out of 7 riddles correctly.