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Advertising Blurbs

Cinematix Studios website (Oct. 1997):

    Called Forth From the Grave...

    His name is Locke D'Averam, a man pulled whole from the dark recesses of the land of shadow. He is a Revenant, a resurrected warrior from an earlier age called back to serve those who summoned him. His mind is an empty shell, remembering nothing of his earlier life, and recalling only slowly the skills and abilities that were once native to him.

    He has been recalled from the nether world to the Isle of Ahkuilon by a powerful warlord to exact vengeance on his rivals, who he suspects of having abducted his daughter. He soon discovers that this simple abduction is the final chapter in tale of the forgotten civilization that once flourished on this island, and that it was no accident that it was he who was summoned as champion to this warlord's strange daughter, in who's hands rests the fate of the entire world.

    A New Kind of Role Playing Experience...

    "The Revenant" is a fantasy RPG set in a strange and beautiful world. Using a unique technology which combines dynamically lit painted backgrounds with real time 3D characters, Revenant offers both immersive beauty and dynamic fast paced 'fighting game' style animation. Gameplay focuses on non-linear exploration of a vast world including towns (inside and out), wilderness (forests, plains, and rivers), castles (inside and out), dungeons, ruins, and wastelands. At these varied locals the player will solve puzzles, interact with NPCs, battle strange creatures, and (of course) advance their character via spells, skills, stats, and magical objects.

    Hi-Color Engine, Dynamic Lighting, and Real Time 3D...

    Revenant is a 3rd person, isometric RPG using 16-bit graphics. This allows for the hand-painted backgrounds required to evoke the full effect of a gorgeous fantasy world; however, such backgrounds are usually very static, and often look 'tiled.'

    The engine for Revenant uses a new zbuffered tile system to handle map pieces of any shape or size, and a lighting system which allows lights of arbitrary color and intensity to be placed on the map and interact realistically with the surfaces beneath and behind them. This includes the torch or other light source the player may be carrying. And ambient lighting can change with the time of day, ranging from the ruddy red glow of dusk to the silvery blue light of the moon.

    And in addition to the fantastic realism of the 16 bit tile system, the Revenant also exploits hardware accelerated video through Direct 3D for maximum character animation. All characters are real-time 3D for an unlimited range of motion, with motion-captured animation for a wide range of maneuvers, making combat more dynamic and exciting than is typical of pre-rendered characters.

    A Brutal World Where Only the Strong Survive...

    The world of Revenant is simultaneously terrible, beautiful, and unpredictable. Primal forces, incomprehensible to mere man, rend and tear the landscape seemingly at random. Great empires once flourished here, but after discovering secrets better left unknown by mortals, civilization receded back to the barbarous ways of old - inhabiting only heavily-defended cities, ruled by heavy-handed Warlords. The game itself takes place on the isle of Ahkuilon, which is controlled by three such Warlords. Most of the overland is lush forests, rivers, and grasslands. Ruined cities and temples are scattered about the landscape, some of which lead into ancient underground catacombs. Natural caves and a desolate wasteland are some of the other places the player can explore. Of course, there are the inhabited towns and warlords' keeps as well, all of which can be explored both inside and out.

    The Revenant... Coming Spring 1998

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Cinematix Studios website (2001):
    Brought back from the dead after 10,000 years of suffering, the Revenant Locke D'Averam must rediscover his true identity, and seek vengeance on those that imprisoned him.

    Revenant is a stunning RPG featuring advanced 3D graphics combined with dynamic lighting, and gorgeous 2D pre-rendered backgrounds. Revenant pioneered the 'fighting' style 3D realtime/stats based combat system, and sported five different areas of gameplay with advanced 3D spell effects, hundreds of NPC characters, and thousands of pieces of equipment, weapons, armor, and magical items.

    Revenant was released by Eidos Interactive in October of 1999.

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1999 Eidos game catalogue - Windows (Germany):
    • Feinste Fantasy-Grafik mit 65.000 Farben, vollanimierten 3D-Figuren, realistischen Lichteffekten und viel Liebe zum Detail
    • Unterstützt alle gängigen 3D-Beschleuniger
    • Realistische Kämpfe durch präzises Motion Capturing

    Revenant entführt Sie in eine düstere Fantasy-Welt jenseits Ihrer Vorstellungskraft. Mit bis zu 4 Spielern treffen Sie auf über 40 verschiedene Charaktere und tauchen in eine einzigartige Umgebung ein, die von Ihnen nach Herzenslust erkundet werden kann. Die verzweigte Geschichte bietet Ihnen viele Einstiegsmöglichkeiten und zieht Sie immer tiefer in das intensive Geschehen.

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Print advertisement - PC Player 11/99:



    (PC ACTION 9/99)

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Advertisement in PC Games, February 2000 (German):






    (PC ACTION 11/99)

    (PC PLAYER 12/99)

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Press Release:
    Eidos Interactive's Role-Playing Adventure, Revenant, Hits Stores

    San Francisco, Calif., October 26, 1999 -- -- Eidos Interactive, a leading worldwide developer and publisher interactive entertainment software, today announced the availability of Cinematix Studios' Revenant for PC CD-ROM. This innovative role-playing game combines a fully functional combat system with adventure elements and a deep storyline

    Revenant is a dark fantasy role-playing game that immerses gamers in a visually stunning and challenging environment. With breathtaking 65,000 color graphics, fully animated 3D characters, true light sourcing and coloring in Direct 3D, Revenant is by far the most vibrant and detailed role-playing game to date.

    Revenant also offers unparalleled features beyond what typically defines the genre. The game features a built-in level editor allowing gamers to create their own scenarios, using the same tiles and graphics used to put together the final game. Players can place treasures, monsters, traps, lighting effects and more on the map. The whole scripting language that the game was built with is available to create branching conversations, and "mini-cut-scenes."

    The multiplayer capabilities include six custom designed deathmatch levels for play on A demo is available for download at

    Eidos Interactive, Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products for the PC, PlayStation ® game console, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. Eidos Interactive is part of London-based Eidos plc (NASDAQ: EIDSY) with additional offices in San Francisco, Paris, Hamburg, Singapore and Tokyo. For more information on Eidos Interactive's product line visit

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Eidos Interactive Game Catalog:
    Revenant is the new Dark Fantasy RPG and Adventure title that immerses gamers into a whole new visually stunning and challenging environment. Explore shadowy catacombs or the heart of a frozen volcano, collect magic objects and cast potent spells as you battle over 16 monsters - from dragons to wraiths.

  • Featuring 20 characters, each with over five weapon types and their own fully-animated style.
  • Unparalleled intensity and realistic combat with motion captured animations.
  • 65,000-color graphics, animated 3D characters, true light sourcing and coloring in Direct 3D.
  • All original music created exclusively for Revenant by the European band, Xymox.

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Box Cover (back and inside flip-upside-down):
    "Revenant may be one of those games that helps resurrect the RPG genre."
    - Computer Games Strategy Plus

    "Those intrigued by the promise of a little Tomb Raider-meets-Diablo should stay tuned!"
    - Computer Gaming World

    "The unique combat dynamic promises action far more frenzied than is commonly found in an RPG."
    - Adrenaline Vault

    Once in a lifetime isn't enough...

    Locke D'Averam is Revenant, a warrior-mage resurrected from an earlier age and summoned by a powerful wizard to save the island of Ahkuilon from a mysterious cult. Locke has no memory of his past life, but as he attempts his quest, he slowly remembers the truth and what really happened to his soul all those years ago.

    Over 55 weapons
  • 50 3D animated spells
  • Over 30 NPCs with Full voice-acting
  • Multiple unique areas to explore

    30 levels of advancement
  • Over 150 individual pieces of armor
  • Hundreds of animations and interactive combat moves
  • Over 50 enemies, including four unique bosses

    Real-time combat involving thousands of animations, including unique moves and fatalities for each monster

    Dynamic, action-packed gameplay requires tactical thinking to explore, interact, solve puzzles, and engage in brutal combat scenarios

    Use the included editor to create your own multi-player deathmatch maps, or battle it out with your friends on one of six included levels

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Unknown Source:
    Revenant is a Dark Fantasy RPG and Adventure that will immerse you in a new visually stunning and changing environment. Interact with over 40 characters as you choose from a wide variety of weapons, spells, armor and magical items and battle hand to hand in the 3D fighting tradition. Revenant combines the realism and excitement of an adventure with the exploration, character development, and gaming longevity of an RPG, making it the truly breakthrough product of the RPG genre!

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