Rhem 4: The Golden Fragments Credits (Windows)

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Rhem 4: The Golden Fragments Credits


IdeaKnut Müller (www.mueller-knut.de)
ConceptKnut Müller (www.mueller-knut.de)
ProgrammingKnut Müller (www.mueller-knut.de)
3D + 2D DesignKnut Müller (www.mueller-knut.de)
TexturesKnut Müller (www.mueller-knut.de)
SoundKnut Müller (www.mueller-knut.de)
MusicKnut Müller (www.mueller-knut.de)
Live Action VideoSabine Prietzel
ActorsJochen Krüger (Kales), Michael Jokisch (Meneandes)
VoiceKlemens Koehring (Zetais)
Alpha TestDorothea Vogel
Game AdviserDorothea Vogel
Beta TestLudwig Kratz, Marita Robinson, Christopher Sutton, Dennis Lepine
Special ThanksDorothea Vogel, Sabine Prietzel, Henriette Schubert, Jochen Krüger, Michael Jokisch, Klemens Koehring, Marita Robinson, Christopher Sutton, Ludwig Kratz, Dennis Lepine, Thomas Steiding, Reinhild Altenau, Eva Burmeister, Thierry Bard, Michel Legoix, Richard Lee Sterick, Dean Nation, Gert Mothes, Tom Greenleaves

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