Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches Credits (Windows)

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Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches Credits

Got Game Entertainment

Executive ProducerHoward Horowitz (Founder)
Creative DirectorJeffrey S. Tobler (OmniCreative.com)
Director of PR & MarketingBeverly Cambron (Rocco Media)

Arberth Studios/Creators

GameplayKaren Bruton
GraphicsKaren Bruton, Richard Lee
AnimationKaren Bruton
MusicNoel Bruton
ProgrammingNoel Bruton
ModellingRichard Lee
Vocal TalentsKaren Bruton (Rhiannon Wallace/Boswell), Noel Bruton (Llwyd/Pryderi/Chapel Minister), Richard Lee (Jon Southworth), Helena Hunting (Jen Sullivan), Gwyn Morris (Tommy Harris)

Special Thanks To

Beta Testing Team Karsten Aaen, James Alexander, Astrid Beulink, Alex Bruton, Len Green, Regina Krieg, Greg Marchant, Bea Parry, Steve Renshaw
CobwebsStephanie Shimerdla (www.brushes.obsidiandawn.com)
Special ThanksMetamorpium, Mnemonic, The Wintermute Forum
InspirationY Felin Water Mill at St Dogmaels Wales
Sound EffectsY Felin Water Mill at St Dogmaels Wales

Lighthouse Interactive

PresidentErik Schreuder
VP Business DevelopmentSteve Wall
Retail Sales DirectorHoward Newmark
Director of OperationsHans José
Global Marketing DirectorLorraine Lue
Senior Development ManagerRaymond Snippe
Art DirectorMichael van Zijl
Junior PR ManagerTamara Robeer
Associate ProducerAllison Skerl
Q&A and DesignTim Reuijl
PR & Marketing AssistantKimara Rouwit

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