Richard Burns Rally Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
In the rally school you learn how to drive.
Looks easy.
Celebrating with Richard Burns.
Changing the car setting.
Who just wants to drive, can skip these things.
Wait until the lights turn green or you get a ten second punishment for the false start.
Exterior View of the Impreza.
Guess I made a mistake.
But the spectators are always there to help you.
They are nice people, so don't hit them or the screen turns red and it costs you a lot of time.
Who needs doors?
Yeah, I've won!
My engine is burning. Not a good condition to continue the game.
Driving in Japan.
In Finland.
Enjoying my great run in the replay.
The onboard camera doesn't give you the best sight.
My co-driver tries to escape.
Driving in the US.
Lovely France.