Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Character creation
Your available characters.
Loading Screen
The waypoint of Alia Das.
Chat, inventory and character-screen.
The map of the current part of the planet.
We've a fragile alliance with these guys and he wants me to do something for him.
Paltry but still somehwat beautiful landscape.
Swimming through a lake in isometric view.
Fighting some Bane soldiers.
At the trader comparing some items.
There are some hidden quests which you automatically uncover when you do something related to it.
A good old chest.
If I kill 200 Thrax I gain a new title.
The shotgun is good for groups of enemies.
I did a damage overkill to him and know he's waiting for the finishing move.
That's a logo shrine.
An alien teleporter.
Good to know that Murphy still applies in the future.
Die you little pig, die!
The Bane deliver a constant stream of troups to take over Alias Das.
Leeching a Thrax soldier dry.
That dropship just brought in new Bane troops.
I died and can now choose where I want to respawn.
No, I don't have a problem with my back. I'm dancing can't you see?
That little flying robot is my pet.
A few people using a waypoint.
The frontlines don't look very green anymore.
These portals seperate the different zones.
A nice view from up here.
A big one got into the camp.