Riddle of the Sphinx: An Egyptian Adventure Credits


Designed and Directed byJeffrey S. Tobler, Karen E. Tobler
CG Artists and AnimatorsJeffrey S. Tobler, Karen E. Tobler
Lead ProgrammingJeffrey S. Tobler, Karen E. Tobler
Additional ProgrammingGreg P. Lamb, Chuck Neal, Matt Veenstra
Special EffectsGreg P. Lamb, A. J. Manker, Michael Mingroni, Jeffrey S. Tobler, Karen E. Tobler
Original ScoreJeffrey S. Tobler
Sound DesignGreg P. Lamb, Randy Manker, Jeffrey S. Tobler, Karen E. Tobler
Voiceover Talent and ActorsMike Anderson (as Trailer V/O), Paul Arca (as Riddle Opening V/O), Greg P. Lamb (as Background voices on tapes), Jeffrey S. Tobler (as Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys), Karen E. Tobler (as Lizzy Ketsworth & the Spirit)
Additional Game DesignPatricia A. Tobler, Robert H. Tobler, Sean Tobler
Photography/VideographyKaren E. Tobler, Robert H. Tobler
Historical ResearchJeffrey S. Tobler, Karen E. Tobler
Hieroglyphic Consultation & TranslationSteven Vinson
Sphinx and Giza Background ResearchMark Lehner, Robert Schoch
Rendering SupportDennis Manker, Paula Manker, Randy Manker, Dave Winslow
Riddle of the Sphinx WebsiteJeffrey S. Tobler, Karen E. Tobler
PlaytestingAnnette Béchamp, John Dierker, Mary Ellen Dierker, A. J. Manker, Randy Manker, James Meecham, Charlton S. Tobler, Heliene Tobler, Patricia A. Tobler, Randy Tobler, Robert H. Tobler, Sean Tobler

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ray Soderlund (3609)