Written by  :  William Shawn McDonie (1183)
Written on  :  Feb 19, 2002
Platform  :  Windows
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I wanted to like this game.... I really did...

The Good

The whole concept of searching through the sphinx and the ruins of ancient Egypt is fantastic! This game had a great storyline and the potential to be a great game!

I would rate the intro movie as one of the best intro's of all TIME!

The Bad

As a Mobygames reviewer I had approved the other review of this game. When reading the review I became very excited because I saw a chance to have another great adventure experience. However my experience was a little different.

First and foremost the controls are some of the worst controls on any game that I have ever seen. Its clunky, hard to understand and very difficult. You control movement by placing your cursor at the right or left of the screen and clicking. Sound easy? It should be, but actually getting the game to recognize the command can be difficult. Often times it took several clicks to move. And more often than not I didn’t go where I wanted to!

The way the game uses objects (inventory) is horrible. Instead of the tried and true pocket where you can pull things out where you need them, you can only use what’s in your hand! In the professors tent there are several objects and things that you need to look\fiddle\move. Unfortunately because of the dreadful movement system it’s a chore to try to.

The game may contain some eye candy (ala myst) but that’s about the only saving grace the game has. They might as well just did a slide show and called it a educational game.

The Bottom Line

Whoever did the intro movie must have died, quit or been fired because the rest of the game looked like it was made by fifth graders.

Stay far away from this steaming pile of dung.