Riddle of the Sphinx: An Egyptian Adventure Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Looking up at the majestic Spinx from between its paws. The game does have some nice visuals.
One of the many highly detailed chambers and passageways. The design team went to some effort to make the real parts look authentic and based their fictious passageways based on the real ones.
As close to the Great Pyramid as most gamers will get. Occassionally the art almost looks like photographs.
One of the many puzzles in this game. Most aren't too difficult, but should provide some challenge for those who don't play often, who will probably constitute the majority of players of this game.
Installation Screen
All options, settings and inventory are accessed from one screen by pressing the Spacebar
You'll be doing quite a bit of reading
A strange, but useful, machine
Some things can be manipulated on-screen, like this ancient pot
Many ancient scrolls are hidden in the pyramids
Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys
Inside the Cheops Pyramid
"The Curse Is Real!"
Somehow you must "wake up" this ancient stone harpist so she will play
An example of the extraordinary scenery