Righteous Kill Credits (Windows)

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Righteous Kill Credits

Starz Media

Executive ProducerMarc DeBevoise
ProducerAdam Zeller
Special thanksRachel Cadden, Noah Young

Merscom LLC

Executive ProducerLloyd Melnick
ProducerMatthew Shetler
TestersCaitlin L. Conner, Eve Park, Ben Ryan
Special thanksJoe Halby, Dimitri Kirin, Kirk Owen, Nick Quante


GO!GamesAndrey Goncharov, Dmitriy Visotskiy, Pavel Wagner, Yaroslav Klepikov, Aleksey Morgalev, Sergey Kryjanowskyi, Zuenko Nadejda, Andrey Bagatura, Anastasya Golubeva
Sound EffectsStrategic Music
Voice Talent byOn Beat Productions

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (77737)