Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Splash screen
Main menu, which loops gameplay video
Julius Caeser sets sail
Alexander takes aim at a tower guard
Ramming a ship, and watching the crew get tossed
Alexander has no mercy for the survivors
Storming the Persian gates
The Persian flagship looms ahead
One of Alexander's armies, ready to go
The assault begins, as the troops rush the battlements
They're overrun now
An army disembarks
Alexander needs to take the city
And here's what's behind him
These archers obviously failed
The powerful Fireraisers burn the Persians
Spartans ready to attack once the smoke clears
Egyptians attack with their ladder team
An archer overlooks the area (bad collision = permanently stuck)
Buildings don't last long against siege rams
War elephants break through trees as they walk
War elephants are very powerful against infantry
Cleopatra gives chase in a chariot
Cleopatra takes care of her pursuers as she steals a bireme
The fight for Alexandria
Cleopatra's army regroups
Octavian tries to flee
He doesn't make it far