Advertising Blurbs (Publisher's website):
    Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends – один из самых ожидаемых и неординарных стратегических проектов 2006 года. Игра завоевала популярность благодаря роскошному графическому оформлению и нетривиальному сеттингу, сочетающему в себе ретро-фантастику, магию сказок «1001 и 1 ночи» и мифологию древних народов. Средний рейтинг игры, вычисленный на основании 50 рецензий от отечественной и зарубежной профильной прессы, составляет 82%.

    Эта стратегия в реальном времени разработана компанией Big Huge Games, хорошо известной вам по играм Civilization II, Colonization, Alpha Centauri и Rise of Nations. Rise of Legends продолжает и развивает ключевые идеи, заложенные в серии Rise of Nations: границы территорий и их значимость, масштабные сражения и инновационный подход к строительству городов. Игрок, получив во владение небольшое селение, сможет взрастить на его основе могущественную цивилизацию и ввергнуть ее в крупномасштабную войну с участием огромных армий и героев, наделенных специальными способностями.

    Rise of Legends, помимо всего прочего, содержит режим «Покорение мира», ставший чрезвычайно популярным среди пользователей еще в предыдущей игре серии - оригинальной Rise of Nations. Новая кампания этого режима познакомит игроков с игровой вселенной Rise of Legends, позволив всем желающим стать свидетелями захватывающей истории, разворачивающейся в живом трехмерном мире игры, где рождаются, враждуют и гибнут целые цивилизации.

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Press release (17th May 2006):

    iGames to Host Launch Events for Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends™

    Two-Week Exclusive Showcase, May 22-June 4, Will Allow Gamers to Sample Incredible Successor to Rise of Nations™

    Game Center Launch Campaign Also Included One-Day Premiere, May 6

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, May 17, 2006
    —iGames, the world’s leading game center organization, today announced a host of special events to celebrate the launch of Microsoft Studios’ Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends™.

    Co-sponsored by Intel and NVIDIA/EVGA, the events will include an exclusive showcase, May 22-June 4, at 125 iGames member centers across North America, and will reward RTS fans far and wide one with free hour to sample the new title over a two-week period. The events kicked off on May 6 with an exclusive one-day premiere at 25 iGames member centers, which allowed gamers to play the launch release of the title before it hit shelves across North America on May 9.

    Player prizes throughout the course of the campaign will include 10 32-bit Intel® Pentium® D processors from Intel; 5 EVGA GeForce 7900 GT graphics cards and special limited-edition Rise of Legends t-shirts from NVIDIA; 2 VX922 model LCD gaming displays from ViewSonic®; 5 Sound Blaster® X-Fi sound cards from Creative; and cool wearables from SoBe Beverages.

    As with other iGames launch events, the premiere and showcase for Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is expected to attract thousands of hardcore gamers and game enthusiasts who enjoy the unique social experience of gaming that iGames offers.

    Rise of Legends™ is the incredible successor to Rise of Nations™ whose addition to the Rise of Nations franchise takes Real-Time Strategy (RTS) players to unimagined new heights of fun and adventure. Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is rated “T” for “Teen” and carries an MSRP of $49.99. For more information, visit the game’s official site at

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Press release (26th April 2006):

    "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" Gets Gold-Plating

    Highly-anticipated "Rise of Nations" sequel descends upon the UK on 26thMay

    The epic battle between technology and magic is about to begin – "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" for Windows has gone gold and is in position to ambush UK retail stores on 26th May.

    "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" morphs the real-time strategy (RTS) genre into the fantasy space, allowing gamers to rampage through towering cities, flame-swept deserts and brutal ice plains in battles filled with mystic creatures, fantastic machines and stunning acts of magic.

    The RTS gameplay of "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" has been improved for a more rewarding experience – gamers have the choice of drawing out battles for multiple hours for the classic RTS feel or focusing on shorter, 20-minute, campaigns.

    As the second installment of the "Rise of Nations" franchise, "Rise of Legends" also extends the gaming experience using a 3-D engine with dynamic lighting, deformable terrain, destructible buildings, ground-rattling earthquakes and massive armies locked in enormous strategic battles. "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" combines cutting-edge, industry-leading technology with awe-inspiring art design to create environments unlike anything ever seen.

    Developed by Big Huge Games, "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" continues the innovative gameplay tradition established by the critically acclaimed and best-selling, "Rise of Nations," the best-selling RTS released in 2003 that garnered numerous Game of the Year awards, including GameSpot's Best PC Game of 2003.

    In addition to being able to lead vast fantasy armies into strategic battles, "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" introduces a host of gameplay innovations that are unique to the RTS genre. Additionally, the popular Conquer the World (CTW) Campaign returns with fresh concepts that make each strategic decision critical to eventual victory over a constantly adapting enemy. The revamped and improved CTW Campaign immerses players in a land of magical armies and never before seen technologies in an epic battle to save the world against an ominous evil force.

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Press release (11th May 2005):

    Big Huge Games Supports AGEIA PhysX Chip in Upcoming 'Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends'

    Epic RTS Game Ushers in New Era of Hardware-Accelerated Physics Gaming

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 11
    : AGEIA™ Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, today announced that Big Huge Games™ is targeting the AGEIA PhysX™ chip for hardware acceleration of their upcoming real-time strategy game "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends." Published by Microsoft Game Studios®, "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" is the latest RTS from the award winning Big Huge Games development team. Set in a fantastic world of sci-fi and fantasy, "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" brings incredible and exotic worlds to life with epic game play.

    Big Huge Games used AGEIA's NovodeX SDK to drive all physics for game play and effects. When accelerated by AGEIA's PhysX chip, "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" will deliver a level of physics-based realism and interactivity unlike anything ever seen before in electronic games.

    "AGEIA's PhysX chip enables massively destructible environments, more realistic unit animations, and spectacular environmental effects," said Tim Train, vice president of development for Big Huge Games. "We've been working closely with AGEIA to harness the power of real-time physics for "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends," and both of our teams are very excited about the results."

    "Big Huge Games has done a fantastic job in implementing both software- and hardware-based physics for "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends," said Andy Keane, the newly appointed vice president of marketing for AGEIA. "With AGEIA's PhysX chip on the horizon, players will soon be able to see for themselves the awesome power of hardware-accelerated physics-based gaming."

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