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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
One of the smaller temples that popped up out of nowhere.
Welcome to Risen!
Walking through a mine-shaft.
I transformed myself into a nautilus in order to avoid a fight.
Cooking - the most important feature of every rpg.
Alchemy is also big for another round of potion brewing.
The combat system has been completely revamped since Gothic 3.
Mining ore is always fun.
The broadsword - a sure way to hit multiple enemies at the same time.
The player can once again forge his own weapons or repair the ones he finds.
Fighting from a distance - you can't even really see the scorpion I'm aiming at.
More undead - this time a priest.
This huge monster requires quiet a bit of tactic to overcome.
Aaaa sunset. Good time as any to go for a swim - if our hero wouldn't drown immediately.
The character stats screen seems only complicated at first glance.
The swamp - home of the bandits.
The Volcano-fortress viewed from outside.
The island may be small but you can look far.
Fighting a skeleton high above the ground.
The Vulcano-fortress is the place to be if you want to become a mage.
The dialogues are again multiple choice.
One of the view times you take something back out of your inventory.
Trading with a trader.
The lock-picking-minigame makes his return.
Fighting a saurian priest from afar.
Looting a sarcophagus.
Scriptevents like this massive monster-attack move the story forward.
Nice view on a good-looking land.
The questlog also features a map with markers.
You meet the ghost of Ursegor, the Titan Lord
Other Achievements are recorded in this alphabetical list viewable from the main menu
Character Screen (English)
Region Maps, like this one in a ruin, must be found or given to you