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    Towards the end of 1941, the Japanese Empire unveiled its imperialistic plans to unite the western Pacific under the flag of the Rising Sun. The devastating raid on Pearl Harbor marked the beginning of fearless surprise attacks against key strategic targets. From Singapore to Manila to the tiny island of Guam, the allied nations faced their most dangerous adversary… men who would forfeit their lives to honor the Empire of the Rising Sun!

    Liberate the islands of the South Pacific, or defend the American Northwest from Japanese invasion with TalonSoft's Rising Sun: Gold. Rising Sun Gold includes the original Rising Sun - the third installment from the award-winning Campaign Series, Rising Sun: Gold - the official expansion pack never before available in stores, as well as 12 additional scenarios! Experience the hard-fought historical battles at Guadalcanal, Okinawa, and Burma, or protect American soil from a Japanese invasion in a hypothetical linked campaign game. The eyes of the world are upon you!

    Contributed by Kasey Chang (4631) on Jan 27, 2001.