Written by  :  jo h. (5)
Written on  :  Oct 04, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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Belongs in any adventure gamer's permanent library

The Good

I liked this game because of the depth of the story. Every object in the game has a purpose, and the Myst series make you think (something I enjoy doing) instead of blowing away aliens. The game makes you feel so alone, you're afraid to see someone around the corner. The ten (count 'em) different endings to the game were also really cool. One of the best stories and scores I've ever seen and heard respectively in a game.

The Bad

Nothing, other than having to quit, changing discs, and playing during the day.

The Bottom Line

Riven is one of the best games to come to the adventure front, and will keep you occupied for weeks. Make sure to play with headphones and in the dark.