Written by  :  Steve Hall (352)
Written on  :  Apr 07, 2005
Platform  :  Windows

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A healthy mixture of fast bikes and brutal violence.

The Good

This game is a lot of fun. It looked horribly dated when released, but it had a certain simple charm. The music in the menus is excellent, as are the cartoony graphics and the general attitude of the game. There's also a certain sick sense of satisfaction in beating cops around the head with an iron bar.

The Bad

The in game graphics are pretty lousy, even for 1996. You pretty much sit still while the world rolls by - like being on a treadmill (anyone remember the 1982 coin-op Turbo game?). Nothing appears quite to scale, and the other traffic is laughably poorly drawn.

While the menu music is pretty cool, the in-game music is truly awful. Really feeble Ad-Lib type music which screams out to you "Oh... please turn me off." Also the controls are a bit of a handful, with various ways to actually steer - lean, fast steer, slow steer, plus three ways to attack - kick, punch and swing.

The Bottom Line

Do not take this game seriously and whatever you do do *NOT* waste good money on it. However, if you can get it for a bargain price it may be worth it. It is a lot of fun in a simplistic sort of way, and can easily dispose of any spare half hours you have knocking around the place.