Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana Credits (Windows)

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Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana Credits


Production ManagerStéphane Grefford
Technical ManagerDidier Poulain
Project ManagersFélix Dumais, Anny Paquin
Lead ArtistMaxime Villandré
Lead DesignStéphane Brochu
Lead ProgrammingBenjamin Contant, Marc-Antoine Lussier
ProgrammingMathieu Campagna, Gaëlec Simard, François Tétreault
Graphic Design and ModellingYanick Desrosiers, Anne Dubord, Sébastien Hébert, Patrick Ménard, Martin Redmond, Laleh-Chloe Sahrai, Mélanie Tremblay
AnimationRémi Breton, Marjolaine Philibert-Lajoie, Hugues Richer
QA ManagerRémi Hachoud
Motion Capture ManagerSusannah Skerl
Additional CrewAnnie Bacon, Vincent Fiere, Stephane Gaudette, Daphné Hong, Isabelle Lemay
TestersNicolas Bonin, Chantal Couture, John Dufour, Philippe Dugas, Fabio Interdonato, Martin Satel, Allison Skerl, Veronica Vincent, Seema Walia, Peter Yang, Eric Yorke
Coordinator France - CanadaCatherine Peyrot
Product ManagerFrédéric Pons
Public RelationsNathalie Baule, Céline Degioanni, Claude Isabelle Vieillard
Thanks ToKaydara, Maryse Bouchard, Karine Boulianne, Yang-Hai Eakes, Nick Frate, Christian Lavoie, François Des Rochers, Florence Gellusseau
MusicRobert Marchand
Mix and Sound DesignSerge Hamel, Caboom Fx
Produced ByOlivier Fontenay
Marketing ManagerVirginie Collot
Product Manager GermanyLukas Kugler
Public Relations GermanyMike Hesse
Marketing Manager GermanyChristina Binsmaier
Post Production AudioStudio Digilog Inc.
Portions of this software are included under licenceVirtools Video engine, Rad Technologies

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