Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Don (From Intro)
Adrienne and Don (From Intro)
Adrienne (In game)
Goin' to town (note that cinematics use every second line black, but trying to look sharper that way).
After seeing so many horrible things, you can either cry or loose your mind.
When our beloved has gone insane, all we can hold on is to memories.
Under Windowses, you can use any resolution you prefer, the rest of the screen will just be cleared black.
Game is generally based on triggering events, so you never know what action may allow you to progress forward. It can just as well be watching at the fireplace.
Main female protagonish seems to have a thirst for knowledge and unlocking secrets, which will be the main reason for this game to enter the terrifying story.
At first, they will seem as a normal happy couple, but then Adrienne will start noticing some change in her husband's behaviour.
Mansion holds many secret rooms and places hiding and revealing their secrets.
Hey, why didn't I notice this passage before? Must've been 'cos this tree was still standing the other day.
Great, someone has finally come to repair our phone.
Exploring the bedroom. Or better said, hoping for some new events to encounter.
Taking a fresh air before going to bed... hey, where is that noise coming from, was it around this corner...