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Robinson Crusoe And The Cursed Pirates is a single player hidden object adventure.

It is 1679; Robinson Crusoe has escaped his island prison and has set sail for Brazil only to land on an uncharted island where he and Friday have to deal with pirates, monkeys, and voodoo curses.

The story behind the game unfolds through captioned story boards that precede each chapter. It seems Captain Flint has found a gate to hell and using its power has cursed a treasure item belonging to each of the pirates with the black spot trapping their owners on the island to be his slaves forever. Now that Crusoe is on the island he too is cursed. Both his dog and Friday have disappeared so he alone must break the curse which he does by visiting each pirate plus a couple of other locations to retrieve the cursed items.

Retrieving some items is as simple as solving a puzzle to unlock a treasure chest. Most though follow the format of visiting a pirate, helping them in some way for example helping the musician pirate by finding all the bats in the picture, then finding all the items on a list that's presented. Some items on the list are written in blue, that means that a puzzle or challenge of some sort must be completed in order to find the item. Optionally the player may have to solve a puzzle to enter the pirate's location before the above tasks can begin.

Once all the items have been retrieved they are tested on Captain Flint's parrot which somehow got turned into a monkey. The result of all this testing is a poison which will undo the curse however before it can be delivered Crusoe needs a map through the labyrinth of caves to the gates of hell which means another round of challenges to retrieve parts of the map from various pirates.

The game claims to have:
  • Over forty locations
  • Twenty crazy pirates
  • Over thirty mini games including a pirate IQ test and a Turtle Race
There is no spoken dialogue in the game, when characters speak the text appears on screen. There's also very little animation so, for example, in a scene where the player is looking for objects the pirate may blink, a spider may climb the wall and an insect or rat may scurry across the floor occasionally. There are two modes of play, Relaxed and Survivor, the latter is a timed game and has fewer hints. There's a help function to help players who can't find that last item on screen and after multiple attempts at a puzzle the player is offered the chance to skip it.


Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates Windows This is the island Crusoe and the pirates are trapped on. 
In this chapter only three locations are active. 
A name is displayed when the mouse pointer rolls over them
Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates Windows Flint is defeated.
The Curse is lifted.
Cue ending sequence
Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates Windows These are not-so-jolly pirates.
The player comes back here later in the game to retrieve pieces of the map which they get for cleaning up bird dung
Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates Windows An example of a mini puzzle.
The list on the left says the player must 'find' a bottle of grog. That's the prize in this button mashing race game

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Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates Screenshot
Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates Screenshot
Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates Screenshot

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