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Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction Credits


With thanks toAll at Robot Wars LLC and Mentorn
And special thanks toSteve Carsey, Tom Gutteridge, Bill Hobbins, Stuart McDonald, Jullian Fullalove, Chris Reynolds, Derek Foxwell
Game CommentaryJonathon Pearce
Robot Wars Theme Tune Published ByGolden Break Music

BBC Multimedia

ProducerColin Fuidge
Localisation ManagerLena Strand
QA ManagerAdrian Wood-Jones
Technical ManagerKish Hirani
Product Development DirectorSarah Hennings
Director of MultimediaDave Lee

And with special thanks to all the Robot Teams, without whom the programme would not be possible

101Mike Franklin (Capt), Amy Franklin, Steve Bickle
BehemothAnthony Pritchard (Capt), Michael Pritchard, Kane Aston
Chaos IIGeorge Francis (Capt), Ian Swann, Richard Swann
DiotoirPeter Redmond (Capt), Cairon Byrne, Joe Gavin
Dominator 2Peter Halloway (Capt), Chris Hall, Elliot Smart
Firestorm IIIGraham Bone (Capt), Alex Mordue, Hazel Heslop
Hypno‑DiscDavid Rose (Capt), Derek Rose, Ken Rose
Panic AttackKimberly Davies (Capt), Michael Davies, Christian Bridge
Panzer Mk4Todd Mendenhall (Capt), Valerie Mendenhall, Jim Hart
Plunderbird 5Mike Onslow (Capt), Bryan Kilburn
PussycatAlan Gribble (Capt), David Gribble, Robert Bettington
The RevolutionistBrian Nave (Capt), Michael Nave, Kenneth Bryant
RazerSimon Scott (Capt), Ian Lewis, Vincent Blood
Suicidal TendenciesAndrew Jeffrey (Capt), Martin Jeffrey, Charly Binns
Thermidor IIDavid Harding (Capt), Ian Harvey, Christopher Snowling
TornadoAndrew Marchant (Capt), David Gamble, Bryan Moss
Wheely Big CheeseRoger Plant (Capt), John Mcgugan, Murray Wharf


ProducerSarah Bain
Lead ProgrammerWill Baker
ProgrammersEwen Graham, Tony Mack, Simon Newton, Lee Reeves
Lead ArtistKate Wright
ArtistsJohnny Corbin, Paul Evans, Neale Williams
Music and Sound EffectsMatthew Simmonds
Lead TesterBarry Martin
TestersBradley Oakley, Gary Burchell
Group Development DirectorGary Liddon
Managing DirectorJoseph Cavalla
Art DirectorJames Brace
Special ThanksJohnny Caggins

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Credits for this game were contributed by Will Baker (23)