Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Credits

Created by Ratloop Asia

Game DirectorSian Yue Tan
Game DesignSian Yue Tan, James Anderson, Lucas Pope, Keiko Pope
ProgrammersLucas Pope, Keiko Pope
Art LeadSian Yue Tan
AnimationSian Yue Tan
ArtXinru Zou, Tze Yi Ang
TestingKeith Lim, Hansen Chew
AudioJames Anderson

Music by New World Revolution

Songs written and performed byHerwig Maurer
Songs published byAndroid Intelligence Agency - BMI

Steam PC Conversion by Abstraction Games

Executive ProducerRalph Egas
Lead ProgrammerWilco Schroo
ProgrammersErik Bastianen, Rutger Janssen, Frans Kasper
Additional ArtJay Milton Egas
UI AdaptationMatthijs Nahon
DesignerMark Gilbert
TesterElmer Lexmond

Published by Reverb Publishing

ManagementDoug Kennedy, Tracie Snitker, Katie Morgan, Tim Page
ProductionTheodor Lange, Balázs Horváth, Ben Willemssen
MarketingDan DeMattei, Brandon Wallace, Scott Jenkins
Public RelationsJerry Whitehead III, Steven Hopper, Gregory Hutto

Special Thanks

Special ThanksIndependent Games Festival, MDA of Singapore, SCE and PhyreEngine™ Teams, SCOGA Testers, Erin Catto (Box2D), Kirsten Egas-Kapteijns, Sandra Pondaag

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (435856)