Rogue Trooper Credits


Creative DirectorJason Kingsley
Technical DirectorChris Kingsley
Rebellion's Head of ProgrammingKevin Floyer-Lea
Head of CommunicationKristien Wendt

Rogue Trooper

From an original game design byMichael Burnham, Tim Jones
Senior ProducerMichael Burnham
Assistant ProducerScott Mackintosh
Code LeadMorgan Parry
Code TeamNick Davis, Richard Fine, Steven Humphreys, Richard May, Andrew McDonald
Asura and support programmingKevin Floyer-Lea, Mike Healey, Kim Randell, Richard Rice, Andrew Weinkove
Art LeadBen Flynn
Art TeamAlex Birtles, Sam Grice, David Kidd, Daniel Meeuws, Ben Murch, Ivan Pedersen, Richard Whitelock, Sean Wiggz
Additional ArtAndy Brady, Joseph Gelder, Alex Moore, Dave Walsh
Lead AnimatorJohn Nightingale
Animation TeamMark Bradshaw, Chris Bull, Tim Doubleday, Adam Murphy, Diarmaid O'Connor
Design LeadAlex Moore
Design TeamWayne Adams, Andrew Crystall, Andrew Haith, John McCann, Kevin Nolan, Mike Rosser
Story and ScriptGordon Rennie
AudioTom Bible, Jordan Pedder
English Vocal talentsRussell Bentley, Rupert Degas, Nigel Greaves, Nick Haverson, Emma Tate
Main FontJustin Callaghan


QAPawel Goleniewski, Julian Hall, Andy Pattinson, Ian Tuttle
ITEd Duerr, Dan Thomas
FinanceNeil Blackler, John O'Brien


Our thanks go toGerry Finley-Day, Dave Gibbons, All writers and artists that worked on Rogue Trooper over the years
Also our special thanks go toEmerson Best, John Cleasby, Risa Cohen, Aeron Guy, Tim Jones, Dominic Preston, Kathryn Symes, Jamie Sims, Ken Turner, and all Rebellionites past and present

Special Thanks

2000 ADJonathan Oliver, Matthew Smith, and the 2000 AD team
Audio MotionMick Morris, and the team
Sarassin LLPVincent Scheurer
NASANASA and the Visible Earth team
Outsource MediaMark Estdale, and team


ProducerPatrick Cowan
Development DirectorDarren Barnett
External Development DirectorLee Singleton
DesignerAnna Marsh
Brand ManagerAdrian Arnese
QA ManagerMarc Titheridge
QA SupervisorIan Rowsell
Lead QAGermaine Mendes, Richard Acherki, Damian Bennett
QA EngineersJames Hinchliffe, James Tripp, Tim Dunn, Femi Sani, David Sangan, Neil Delderfield, Matthew Poon, George Wright, David Klein, Joseph Pirocco, Jason Claridge, Naomi Westlake
Localisation ManagerMonica Dalla Valle
QA Localisation SupervisorArnaud Messager
Lead QA Localisation TesterPablo Trenado
QA Localisation TestersAugusto D'Apuzzo, Alessandro Marchesini, Edwige Béchet, Laëtitia Wajnapel, Tobias Horch, Francisca Barceló Ávila
Technical AuthorTom Waine
QA Supervisor - Mastering (uncredited)Jason Walker
Mastering Engineer (uncredited)Ray Mullen, Marc Webb


Dialogue DirectorStefan Brönneke (uncredited)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ray Mullen (336) and stefan bronneke (26)