Rogue Trooper Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Milli-Com drop-ship, home for the genetic infantry.
Rogue landing on Nu Earth.
Gunnar was too slow for this Nort.
Time for a head-shot.
Turn the Nort's into Rocketmen by shooting the oxygen tanks.
Big guns needed to take out the big boys.
1 down 1 to go.
Mind your health Rogue.
Use gun emplacements to remove Norts.
Sniping a Sentry.
Rogue attempting Kill-move.
Tired of carrying Gunnar? Let him do the work.
Nort hopper delivering more troops.
Another Rogue Kill-move.
Hiding from a Mechanised Nort Troop.
Moving in for the kill.
Mechanised Nort disabled with scrambler grenade.
Close enough for Kill-move.
Taking down a Mechanised Nort.