RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

From here, you can start the setup or read the manual.
An empty plot of land, awaiting your hand. Build away!
This is one of the pre-designed Six Flags parks.
In the rollercoaster designer, you can build coasters without worrying about scenary, management, or finances, to later put into one of your parks.
The new Scenario Editor lets you choose what rides will be available, as well as many other options.
The new look of the ride selection screen; in this case, rollercoasters.
There are many more water rides than in the original.
There are loads of roof tiles, so you can build different kinds of buildings.
The Black Widow is going for a test run; here's to success!
You can now build more than one gate, and you can design the outside area.
The first challenge is cool; build a theme park within the walls of a castle.
An abandoned farm; can it make a good park?
That first drop looks kind of scary... but hey, it'll make money!
Nobody will ride this Wild Mouse Ride because it's raining.
My new log ride is doing a test run before I open it.
These white signs indicates I can buy that piece of land to further build my park.
Ahh, a new Motion Simulator. Now I'll focus my research on roller coasters.
Testing out my new monorail, hoping to get some traffic off the paths.
The last station, which will encircle a small coaster.
No one will ride my newest ride because a car crashed and killed some people. Wait... I wouldn't ride it either.
You must research new rides if you want a chance at winning.
A rollercoaster crash