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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Credits

Atari Europe

VP of International OperationJean-Marcel Nicolaï
Republishing DirectorRebecka Pernered
Republishing Team LeaderSébastien Chaudat
Republishing ProducerSébastien Aprikian
Localisation Team LeaderLudovic Bony
Localisation Project ManagerKarine Vallet
Localisation Technical ConsultantOlivier Caudrelier (Coco)
Printed Materials Team LeaderCaroline Fauchille
Printed Materials Project Manager Céline Vilgicquel
Copy WriterVincent Hattenberger
MAM Project ManagerJenny Clark
Director Supply ChainAlain Fourcaud
Manufacturing CoordinatorsDelphine Doncieux, Fanny Giroud, Mike Shaw, Jean Grenouiller
Quality DirectorLewis Glover
Quality Control Project ManagerCarine Mawart
Certification Project ManagerLisa Gaillard
Product Planning Project ManagerPierre Marc Bissay
Engineering Services ManagerPhilippe Louvet
Engineering Services ExpertStéphane Entéric, Emeric Polin
European Marketing Senior VPMartin Spiess
European Group Marketing ManagerCyril Voiron
European Brand ManagerLisa Humphries
European Communications ManagerLynn Daniel
European Web ManagerRenaud Marin
Local Marketing TeamCharlotte Brown (UK), Beryl Gonnard (France), Heiko Kaspers (Germany), Manuel Fontanella (Italy), Laura Aznar Bertran (Iberica), Joanna Teixeira (Iberica), Nikke Linder (Nordic), Simone Goudsmit (Benelux), Simon Stratton (Switzerland), Vaggelis Karvounis (Greece), Noam Weisberg (Israel), Raelene Knowles (Australia), Simon Slee (Asia Pacific)
Special Thanks toPraveen Shirali, Hemanshu R. Sheth, Marc-André Parizeau (Enzyme Testing Lab), Kirsten Shrinkel (Enzyme Testing Lab), KBP, Bruno Tarrade (Bob), Astrid Forstbauer, Synthesis, Emanuele Scichilone, Mauro Bossetti, Ai-Lich Nguyen, Fabien Roset, John Tyrrell, Mathieu Piau, Petrol, Start Design, IDa Creative Link, The Boys and Girls from Central, ACE


Senior ProducerKen Allen
Brand ManagerJohn Billington
Executive ProducerBob Welch
Associate ProducerAlex Ahlund
Director of TechnologyPaul Hellier
Director of MarketingTom Nichols
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Martin
Director of Editorial & Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Art DirectorCharles Rizzo
Documentation SpecialistKurt Carlson
CopywriterPaul Collin
Director of Publishing SupportMichael H. Gilmartin
Q.A. ManagerEzequiel Nunez
I.T. Manager/Western RegionKen Ford
Manager of Technical SupportMichael Vetsch
Q.A. Testing SupervisorsJason Cordero, Jason Kausch
Lead TesterMichael O'Shea
Assistant Lead TesterJeffrey L. Loney
TestersRandy Alfonso, Eduardo Baraf, Michael Greenler, Jason Holt, Sean McLaren, Glad Papellero, Howell Selburn, Joseph Taylor, Carl Vogel, Joseph Aragones, Joel Yabrudi, Dae Kim, Geoff Nappo
Manager, Engineering Services and Compatibility LabDavid Strang
Engineering Services SpecialistKen Edwards
Engineering Services TechniciansDan Burkhead, Eugene Lai
Senior Compatibility AnalystChris McQuinn
Compatibility Test LeadCuong Vu
Compatibility TestersRandy Buchholz, Patricia-Jean Cody, Mark Florentino, Scotte Kramer
Director, Global Web ServicesJon Nelson
Producer, OnlineScott Lynch
Senior Programmer, OnlineGerald Burns (Monkey)
Senior Web Designer, OnlineRichard Leighton
Online Marketing ManagerSarah Horton
Vice President, OperationsTodd Curtis
Director of ManufacturingEddie Pritchard
Lead Senior BuyerLisa Leon
Senior BuyerGardnor Wong
BuyerTara Moretti
Materials PlannerJanet Sieler
Process PlannerNichole Mackey
Special ThanksChristopher Sawyer (The ORIGINAL RollerCoaster Tycoon), Jacqui Lyons (Marjacq), Greg Lauzon (writer), John Wardley (real-world coaster designer), Andreas Graf von Rittberg (Producer - Private BVT), Production GmbH & Co. KG - Munich Germany, Siggi Koegl (Executive Producer), ATTACTION ‑ Munich Germany, Wise Monkey Ltd., Jeff Royle (ATI Technologies Inc), John Strout (American Micro Devices Inc), Ken Schutt (American Micro Devices Inc), Isolina Pommier (Windows Gaming), Susan Kittleson (Windows Gaming)

Frontier Developments

Executive ProducersChristopher Sawyer, David Braben
ProducerJonny Watts
Lead ProgrammerJonathan Roach
Lead ArtistSam Denney
Programming TeamJohn Bichard, Ian Collinson, Oscar Cooper, Andrew Fray, Andrew Gillett, Rick Griffiths, Matthew Halpin, Andrew Scott
Art TeamGary Bickmore, Simon Brewer, Marc Cox, Dariusz Drobnica, Jeremy Kay, Tjaart Kruger, Stefan Scheffers, Dean Searle, Hayden Scott-Baron, Martin Squires, Dean Stolpmann
Animation TeamGavin Gibbons, Gerard Huke, Milan Medvec, Richard Parke
Game Engine TeamDavid Scantlebury, Robin Bryce, Pat Byrne, Tim Hughes, Jon Lewis, Peter Halpin
Track Design TeamJonathan Pace, Andrew Thomas, Alex Smyth
Level Design TeamStuart Fraser, Jonathan Pace, James Taylor
QA SupervisorMichael Brookes
MusicAlistair Lindsay
Sound EffectsSteve Cowell
Managing DirectorDavid Walsh
RepresentationMarjacq Micro Ltd.

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159346) and Sciere (294220)