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RollerCoaster Tycoon (Windows)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Credits


DesignChristopher Sawyer
ProgrammingChristopher Sawyer
GraphicsSimon Foster
SoundAllister Brimble
MusicAllister Brimble
Additional ProgrammingFISH UK Ltd., Joe Booth, Nick Tuckett
RepresentationJacqui Lyons (Marjacq Ltd.)
ManualAlkis Alkiviades, Timothy Beggs, Anton Lorton, John Possidente
LayoutLouis Saekow Design
Thanks toRobb Alvey, Katie Brayshaw, Karen Cumming, Justin Garvanovic, European Coaster Club, Neil Jackson, Victoria Maclean, Martin Sawyer, Elizabeth Slater, Paul Slater, Graham Turner, Ruth Turner, John Wardley, Melanie Warn, Jim Wills (for help with research and game testing)

Hasbro Interactive

PresidentThomas Dusenberry
ProducerThomas J. Zahorik
Executive ProducerMichael S. Glosecki
Operations and Special Projects ManagerTracy Kureta
V.P. Research and Development WorldwideTony Parks
V.P. Product Development WorldwideKevin Gillespie
Senior V.P. Global Business DevelopmentBarry Jafrato
Director of New BusinessJohn Sutyak
European Project CoordinatorRichard Alexander
Quality Assurance DirectorMichael Craighead
Manager of Technical ServicesTony Moreira
European Technical Services ManagerRoger Carpenter
IS TechBill Colby
IS SupportMike Constantis, Yaw Diabah
Test SupervisorKurt Boutin
Lead Tester, EuropeStuart Thody
TestingAndy Mazurek, Dan McJilton, Mark Huggins, Jennifer Kaczor, David Sauvageau, Kathy Steel, Neall Campbell, Darryl Shaw, Wayne Gardener, Christine Fisher, Tom Jannssen, Labyrynth Productions Ltd.
Testing at A.Q.Fran Katsimpiris, Jon Grimes, Jason Clary, Adam Coleman, Jake Grimshaw, Dennis Ivitchev, Frank Kirchner
Vice President of MarketingJohn Hurlbut
Product ManagerSteve Arthur
Directors of MarketingGail L. Steiner, Richard Cleveland, Tom Nichols
Public Relations DirectorDana Henry
Worldwide Marketing and SalesKate Webster, Mary Miller, Tracey Bunce, Zoe Tremlett, Liz Morgan, Olivier Salomon, Jean-Michel Coletti, Torsten Oppermann, Thomas Jaepel, Jochen Quast, Matt Carroll
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Webster
Art DirectorSteve Martin
European Art DirectorSteve Cross
Creative Services ManagerKathryn Lynch
Graphic DesignerJennifer Brackett
Editorial SpecialistElizabeth Mackney
Website SupportJames Sheahan
LocalisationSamantha Parker, Anton Lorton, Ulrich Mühl, Jinglebell, SDL Polylang International
Operations and ManufacturingRichard Lever, Judy Hawley
Administrative SupportSarah Perry, Kellie Rice
V.P. of FinanceRon Parkinson
Legal and FinanceDonna Mahan, Bruce Kelly, Linda Ferros, Donna Fuchs, Janet Oakes, Lisa Hung, Alka Patel, Melanie McDonnell
Special ThanksChris Down, Louise McTighe

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Credits for this game were contributed by Joe Booth (3), Corn Popper (69689), Kic'N (4226) and Brian Hirt (10008)