Written by  :  Jennifer Johnson (15)
Written on  :  Apr 02, 2003
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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A great way to kill time

The Good

This game was ace. It had both some theme park to start with and also ones that just had the bare land which allowed you to start with a park that already had rides and a theme. I thought that was great because you get to play about for a bit before constructing your own little playground. They had a variety of rides and landscapes for you to play around with. I really liked the variety from rollercoasters to a haunted house and water rides.

The Bad

You can't really complain about a game that let's you be god. Okay, just one complaint- the costume for the park employess...ugh!

The Bottom Line

I played this at first to kill time and because it was the only PC game that I had. It grew on me as it should on most people. It was entertaining and is definitely a great addition to any gamer who also has a passion for amusement parks.