Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu - Something you'd expect to see from a console game.
Main Menu - Each selection presents a different animated hero. Here we have the warrior Lu Bu on his horse, the Red Hare.
Character Creation - You may optionally create a new fictional character, customizing everything from blood relations to abilities.
Scenario and Ruler Selection - Here for example is the fictional "Rise of Heroes" scenario, portraying the anti-hero Cao Cao.
Main Map - Here all elements of game play occur or may be accessed from. Here for example, we are viewing the forces of Yuan Shao battling Sima Yi at the outskirts of Chen Liu.
Each officer in the game comes with a complete unique portrait and bio. Guan Yu, the Chinese God of War displays a powerful set of combat abilities.
Items are scattered around China, either waiting to be found or already in possession by a general. Red Hare, the fastest horse in China is as its owner, Lu Bu, the strongest warrior in China.
Hello, what is Confucius doing in RTK? Completing the tutorial will unlock several officers not unique to the RTK saga.
Unlike many previous RTK games, all information of another faction is readily available for viewing. Here we can see the strength of Sun Jian's forces.
Techniques represent the technological tree in RTK. Technique points may be distributed to research a particular technique. The horse general Ma Teng, undoubtedly prefers upgrading cavalry techniques.
Friends (and family) often help each other in combat by (among others) assisting each other with follow-up attacks. Naval general Zhou Tai works well with his friend Jiang Qin.
Critical tactics and strategies deal extra damage or effects; indicated by an appearing portrait of the attacking general. Unique generals such as Zhou Tai, will all have different individual portrait