Rome: Total War Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Start-up screen
Main menu
Selecting a campaign
Historical battle selection
Custom battle settings
Customising army for custom battle
A victory screen for a multiplayer game...
This is what happens when the AI doesn't have anyone to fight for 130 years...
A mighty Julii army storms a rebel city.
An Egyptian Army in the distance menace the Seleucid army...
Details for Carthago
Unit and town info side-by-side
Carthago Central Plaza
These Germans look angry. Did they lose a football match or something?
Battles are brutal.
Last Stand
If you can't win 'em, burn 'em!
This means no baths for Spartans.
Backs against the wall
Elephants aren't nice, they are scary!
The Spartans put up a helluva fight but to no avail.
Winter war, or World War Zero
And... battle!
Information about country
Roman's storm on barbarian village
Legion has advantage
Marriage pact
Calvary archers are good to fast, safe attack
Battle mess
Battles elephants charge
Salvo fire
Massacre of three armies
Great battle
Javelins are very effective
Nec elephant "Hercules" versus Romania plures.

Charge on enemy's artillery