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Romopolis (Windows)

Romopolis Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen and main menu
Begin your first campaign.
Caesar calls for your service to the Empire.
I have selected a plot on which to build.
I will build a garden. That makes people happier.
Construction is under way
Ah. A nice, new garden
If I needa blueprint, this is where I find it.
I am clearing some trees so I will have land.
A house and a temple have damage. I need to repair them.
I am repairing the small house
I am demolishing an unneeded temple.
The temple is demolished but I need to clear the debris.
Cleaning up.
I did well.
I aquired a trophy, because I got the religion level to six.
On this level, I have a deadline. When the timer reaches 11:30, if I am not done, I lose.
I did not finish in time.