Rowan's Battle of Britain Credits

Rowan Team

Lead ProgrammerGem Taylor
Game DesignRod Hyde, Mark Shaw
3D Hardware and LandscapeJonathan Booth
3D ProgrammingPaul Dunscombe
3D Effects and Sound EffectsRobert Slater
Flight Model and 3D AICraig Beeston
CommsAndrew McMaster
Campaign and User InterfaceRod Hyde, Gem Taylor
Lead ArtistAndrew McCann
ArtistsRichard Jones, Toks Solarin
Landscape Data PrepIan Hardy, Chris Jones, Amanda McCann
Network, Hardware and SupportDavid Whiteside
Head TesterChris Jones
Studio HeadMike Brown

Empire Interactive

ProducerIain Riches
Quality Assurance ManagerDarren Thompson
Lead TesterJohn Murray
TestersMark Forbes, Edward Albert Wilson, Nmlotey Nartey, Phillip Baldwin, Christopher Giggins
Executive ProducerRoger Cheung
ProductionAnthony J. Bond Jr.
Art DirectorPhilip Goldfinch

External Teams

Sound Effects & German SpeechNick Schreger (MeatWater)
Sound EngineerDetlef Piepke, Audioworx
English Speech and TranslationsSDL
Beta TestersPaul Stewart, Rainer Rohde, Victor Di Cosola (Clutch), Ken Cook, Thomas Launder, James Rhodes (Dusty), Aurang M. Shah-Stone, Dietger Pohl Gottlieberstrasse, Gian Vitzthum, Steve Redfern, Chris Bebensee, Todd M. Garner, Kurt Giesselman


For writing Chapter Seven - the Battle of Britain HistoryDilip Sarkar
For providing some wonderful Spitfire photographsJohn Siddle
For providing World War 2 film footageUS National Archives and Records Administration
For providing original 1940s digital maps of south east EnglandOrdnance Survey
For help and advice with RAF Operations RoomsD. Curry (Flt Sgnt)

Take 2 Baltimore

ProducerS. Craig Taylor
Graphic ArtistPeter Muench
VP of Business DevelopmentJamie Leece
VP of PublishingChris Mate
Executive ProducerRobb Alvey
Marketing DirectorGreg Bauman
Marketing ManagerMark Moon
Marketing Communications CoordinatorChris Larkin
Art DirectorMike Snyder
WebmasterRobert Fletcher
Technical Support / QA DirectorPhil Santiago
Computer SpecialistsFrank Runge, Ron Johnson
Technical SupportLisa Nawrot, Pete Stewart, Kathy Richardson, Joe Covello, Patricia Saneman, Stacey Sharpe, Kathy Young
Quality AssuranceChien Yu, Kai Ma, Josh Rose, Andre Liggins, Joshua Noll
Special Thanks toLinda Wratchford, Mona Wratchford, Peggy Zoltan, Anne Marie Sims, Patty Santiago, Sarah Alvey

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