Rune: Halls of Valhalla Credits

Human Head Studios

Project LeaderChris Rhinehart
Lead ProgrammerChris Rhinehart
Creative LeadRowan Atalla
Project ManagerTimothy S. Gerritsen
ProgrammersChris Rhinehart, Mike Craddick, Ben Gokey, Paul MacArthur
Level DesignRowan Atalla, Mick Beard, Mike Flynn, Brian Frank, Dave Halsted, Ted Halsted, JP LeBreton, James Sumwalt
Design AssistantSeth Johnson
Modeling & Character TexturingTim Bowman, David Gulisano, Shane Gurno, Brett Hawkins
AnimationJeff DeWitt, Nathaniel Albright
Level TexturesGreg Marshall, Eli Quinn
Sound EffectsMike Larson
MusicMike Larson, Rom Di Prisco, Jim B-Reay
ManualSeth Johnson
Special ThanksTerry Nagy


ProducerJoshua Galloway
PRJeff Smith, Andrea Villareal
MarketingJim Bloom, David Eddings, Dianne Vaughn
OnlineDoug Myres, Bill Nadalini, Scott Dudley, Scott Farrell, Russell Hughes, Kirk Brown, Damon Brown, Dave Cash, William Haskins
CreativeJennymarie Jemison, Ben Condit, Benjamin Lippert
Special ThanksEpic Games

Rune Credits

Lead ProgrammerPaul MacArthur
Creative DirectorTed Halsted
Business DirectorTimothy S. Gerritsen
ProgrammersPaul MacArthur, Chris Rhinehart
Additional ProgrammingMike Craddick, Ben Gokey
DesignHuman Head Studios Incorporated
Level DesignerMick Beard, Dave Halsted, Ted Halsted, James Sumwalt
Additional Level DesignGreg Marshall
AnimationJeff DeWitt, Nathaniel Albright
Environment TexturesGreg Marshall
Character TexturesTim Bowman
3D ModellingShane Gurno
Creative ConceptTim Bowman, Jeff DeWitt, Shane Gurno, Ted Halsted, Greg Marshall, James Sumwalt
ConsultantSeth Johnson
Original ConceptTed Halsted
PR & Marketing SupportTimothy S. Gerritsen, Tricia Harris (Kazi Wren), Chad Savage
History ConsultantLaurie Wise
Viking Longboat ModellJohn Falgate
Additional AnimationMike Werckle
Audio Director & ProducerMichael Larson
Sound EffectsMichael Larson
MusicMichael Larson, Jim B-Reay
CommentsLee Ernst, Ted Halsted, Michael Larson, Tejumola F. Ologboni, Sue Quinn, Nick Skrowaczewski
DialogueTed Halsted, Seth Johnson
Special ThanksKenny Stoll, Sean Wipfli, Larry Hill

Take 2 Europe

ProducerDavid Nulty
Group Production ManagerJon Broadbridge
Group Production CoordinatorChris Madgwick
UK & International Marketing ManagerSarah Seaby
PackagingTom Baker, James Crocker, Selena Miffling, James Quinlan
PR ManagerAmy Curtin
PR ExecutiveMark Allen

Tarantula Studios

QA ManagerMark Lloyd
Lead TesterPhilip Alexander
TestersPaul Byres, Timothy Bates

Take 2 Interactive Germany

Marketing DirectorMatthias Wehner
Product ManagerGabriel Wunderlich
PR ManagerMarkus Wilding
Online ManagerAlexander Harlander
Marketing AssistantMarkus Neumann
Localization4‑real Intermedia

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