S2: Silent Storm Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main menu.
In Silent Storm you can choose from one of the six pre-made characters..
..or make your own..
..or even construct a new face, using built-in editor.
Toki, ever stealthy, sneaks up to enemy.
The result of poorly placed explosive barrels, I would think.
The base, here you can hire soldiers for your group, heal your wounds and use the armory.
The amazing part is, we all survived this battle.
Never get out of a...bike with a side-car.
A very unpleasant situation.
Dialogs in SS looks like this.
Shoot at me, will you?
Alas, my scout was not quick enough in his escape.
The only thing, that is missing in this picture is John Woo.
One of the objectives in this mission is "stun" the command officer.
Panzerklein ambush! (no, not the snowman...)
The enemy soldier makes use of a hole in the floor to sneak up, but Dani the medic was quick to foil his plans.
Axis vs. Allies.
First home made rocket ever.
Sniper accidentally drew an enemy fire on herself.
One of my soldiers got wounded and medic will try to stop bleeding first.
Selecting a team from 20 available soldiers (Allied campaign).
Equipment and ammunition can be stockpiled at your base for future use.
Guy is trying to escape with a captured scientist. So naive..
Fight on the streets of some European town.
Regional maps show mission locations and random encounters.
One of the random encounters in the game. This one is probably smallest and easiest of them all.
Gear is accurately depicted on the characters. Note the grenades on the inventory close-up and the game window.
Each character has an extensive skill tree to develop when leveling.
British forces trying to drive off Germans from a well-defended positions.
Brandenburg. German patrol looking for someone on the streets.
Grenade launchers could work wonders over landscape.
Close-up on a German sniper.
Playing in Duke Nukem-style. Theoretically, if you have enough explosive it is possible to level everything on the map to the ground.
Locomotive is ready to departure.
In base
"Elf" biography
Snipers in close combat
Attack on nazi force