Sabotain: Break the Rules Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game begins with an intro showing strange people...
...and military confrontations
Title screen and character introduction
Loading screen
Receiving your mission
Space port is the location you start the game in
Character screen with attributes and skills
You see junk on the floor and people following their routines in a less fancy part of the city
Transportation system. You can access the districts through it
Following a robotic guard into a building
One of the better districts, with soft lights and nice vehicles
There is complex architecture in many of the districts
Not all parts of the city are flashy. This harbor here is home to poverty and ruthless crime
I guess it's time to go shopping!..
Some of the views are quite breathtaking
No futuristic city is complete without a red light district
This district is modeled after simple dwellings of older times - there is even some green here!
You enter one of the city's hotels. Note the cleaner doing his job
Area map is superimposed on the screen and shows your location, places of interest, and goals
You never know when you see such locations with detailed decorations
There are dialogues trees, though they aren't very developed
At night the Angels district is home to intense firefights
This bar doesn't have the best reputation...
...and now I know why. Let's get rid of these thugs!
You found a container with a lot of energy-restoring items. To the right is your inventory
Maybe you should go home and change?..