Written by  :  El-ad Amir (124)
Written on  :  Feb 26, 2001
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars

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Confusing at first, but amazing after some practice.

The Good

This RTS throws all of the traditional aspects of such games to oblivion. The point of view is completely changed, the resource system is almost completely ignored, and playing on a defensive "porcupine" strategy will be futile in the latest stages of the game or against other human players.
The game is all about combat, and you feel it running in your blood alongside the adrenaline, Coke and popcorn. You constantly run around, constantly cast spells, order your troops, and hope to make the right decisions under time pressure- because there is no pause in war. Although someone who just watches the game or the screenshots might find it unnerving or annoying, the player won't be able to get out of his chair after the first few minutes.

The Bad

For the traditional strategy player, who is used to top-down view like Starcraft's, controlling the game will be difficult at first. The minimap isn't very useful, and the only part of the battlefield you see is the location of your wizard- so defending against two enemies that attack from different locations will be troublesome.
Another problem is playing multiplayer games with more than two players. Once the host of the game dies, all of the game information is transferred to another computer (resynch) and it might take a while, espacially with slow connections.

The Bottom Line

If you're a fan of strategy game, give this one a shot. If you're a fan of first person or third person shooters, give this one a shot. If you consider yourself a gamer at heart, give this one a shot.