Saddle Up: Time to Ride Credits


DesignAlexandre Bonvalot, Olivier Derouetteau, Pierre-Guillaume Baret, Jérôme Pelissier
Lead ProgrammerXavier Rozé
ProgrammersWilly Delcloy, Jonathan Naim, Marjorie Perrissin-Fabert
Project ManagerMinh Phan
Lead 3D DesignerClément Choblet
Track DesignStéphane Fradet, Clément Choblet, Marjorie Perrissin-Fabert
3D ModelersChi Vang, Kevin de Castro, Clément Choblet, Stéphane Fradet, Jérôme Pelissier
AnimatorsEkkarat Rohtong, Jérôme Pelissier, Stéphane Fradet
Scenario and DialogMinh Phan
TextMarjorie Perrissin-Fabert, Cécile Duperray
Technical SupportMarjorie Perrissin-Fabert, Sara Acquier
MarketingEmilie Garin, Bénédicte Germain, Emmanuel Fauchez
Voice RecordingScopitone
French VoicesTony Marot (Christobald), Claire Guyot (Lucy/Alexandra), Michel Dupuis (Commenter), Nathalie Homs (Akiko), Lorenzo Pancino (Mathieu/Roger), Laëtitia Godès (Garance)
Music and Sound DesignTalk Over
3rd Party Project ManagementThomas Legrand, Fédéric Monot
ThanksJustine, Margaux, Anne Villeneuve, Valérie Radelet, Anne Blondel-Jouin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (505959)