Saints Row: The Third Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
The game begins with an amusing Star Wars-like intro
Physical customization is extremely detailed. You can change anything from body build... personality, speech, and behavior patterns
A cutscene early in the game
You can fight well with your fists, and also grab hostages
Sky-diving and shooting enemies at the same time
Expressive screens conclude missions
One of the game's stylish loading screens
This looks like the sleezy part of the town
Map with a GPS feature
Character menu. Upgrades are handles almost in a role-playing fashion
Graphics are very impressive - and that's on the medium setting
Posing for a marvelous view
You can climb over fences
That's a very... good description :)
Just stole a sports car; trying to get away from the police while my partner is shooting
Swimming, enjoying the beauty of this world...
The game is full of weird people and weird vehicles - this shot has quite a few of both!
The game world is very detailed. Characters also have interesting routines
Driving a funny-looking car, creating a traffic jam
Third-person shooter mechanics are rather basic
In this mission, you must guide missiles to hit those tanks
On-rails shooting mission - with a breathtaking view
This is your crib. Pretty cozy, I'd say. Here you can change clothes, vehicles, etc.
There are crazy outfits...
...crazy cars...
...and crazy weapons
Ahh, nothing can compare with the joy of electrocuting people with shots from a purple tank
Bizarre red outfit, a fast bike, lovely view - life is great!
In a boat, enjoying the quiet life, the nature...
Playing as an angry teddy bear who attack prostitutes with a sex doll - only in Saints Row the Third
Flying motorcycle, beautiful pink-purple neon-lit city... life is good!
Playing as a heroine in a sexy outfit; trying out Prof. Genki's shooter game, in which only killing pandas is unethical
Standing in a grim cathedral that serves as a casino, wielding a weapon taken during a trip through virtual reality. No, seriously!
The eloquent mutant Oleg rides in my truck; somebody tries to hijack it, but I keep setting people on fire with a fully upgraded SMG, watching out for that armored vehicle