Saints & Sinners Bingo Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This screen displays as the game loads. It alludes to the road map that the player can follow through the game as they play bingo across the USA
The player must log in so that the game can keep track of an individual's progress
This sets the scene for the game
The game's tour map showing the red & blue routes of the sinners & saints
This is the start of a game at the first location. The player must win two games here in order to progress.
The game begins. As the tips box shows three numbers are displayed per call. The player must locate them on their card and click on them to daub them.
The winning line(s) varies from game to game. Here it's any five in a row or column as is shown beneath the yellow BINGO! button on the left
One of the features of the game is the chatter between the opponents - it does get funnier than this.
Moby Gamer is the first to complete a line. As this is the first game the tool tips shows which button to press to win the game
This shows the player's statistics at the end of the game.
After attaining the goal of the first location the player has the choice of two locations for their next match.
These are the goals for the Golden Daub club
This tool tip shows the winning combination for this game
Not every game is won but a player can still accumulate cash
The player will encounter fifteen saints and fifteen sinners as they progress through the game. These are a couple that are encountered early on.
Each opponent has a bit of a back story
As the player progresses they may win, or be offered, one of twenty charms to help them win.
Each charm has a different effect which can be examined.
Sometimes an opponent will offer to make a deal during a game.