Saira (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Saira Credits


DirectorNicklas Nygren
Level DesignerNicklas Nygren
MusicNicklas Nygren, Yann Van der Cruyssen
Music SamplesPierre Desormes, Sylvain Buffet
Photographic LibraryFlorian Hirt, Martina Lindh, Nicklas Nygren, Sara Sandberg
ProgrammingJamie McLaughlin, Nicklas Nygren, Yann Van der Cruyssen
Ship RadioD Fast, Léo Mathieu, Nicklas Nygren, Silent Sun, Simon Jonsson, SPEAK, Yann Van der Cruyssen
LocalizationKevin Chow
Freesound Sample CreditsGlaneur de sons, JoelAudio, markgia, mchladil, radian, room, sagetyrtle, themfish
TestingAndreas Jörgensen, Arvi Teikari, Chris Schlarb, Copenhagen Game Collective, D Fast, Frank Tovar, Jamie McLaughlin, José Pedro Quintanilha, Kevin Chow, LPChip, Marcus Nygren, Markus Sandström, Michael Gill, Nik Dorff, Olli Ström, Paula J., Peter Queckenstedt, Rebecca Nygren, Tommy Preger, Troupe Gammage, Tyrone Rodriguez, Zsolt Szekely
Thanks toCharlotte Winroth, Clickteam, Sandro [Umeå], Sofia Anner, Stadskyrkan [Umeå], Stefan Granberg, Everybody at the Nifflas Support Forum

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