Saira Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Introduction to the episode
The home planet where it all starts.
Solving a puzzle (right) with the help of the PDA (left)
This is the main machine you need to fix
Main introduction about Saira
The starmap with the different galaxies. Josephine is currently out of reach because of a lack of energy.
Take pictures of the environment or clues. For enemies, it shows whether they're dangerous or not.
The sequence where Bobo gets zapped away.
While travelling, you can read up on the destination...
... or play a game of pinball.
The red flowers are hazardous on this planet.
You can save here.
It took a little flying to reach this part.
Each planet has a distinct theme.
Solving one of the many, many puzzles.
Larger creatures can usually harm Saira.
A more industrial planet
Find a way around the crystals.
Dodging some lasers
Dragon Noir has a fantastic setting.
Saira stans in awe in front of a statue.
Power up the generator further by fixing the circuit.
I'd better not go there.
Moving towards a passage
Saira prepares to take a picture.