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    SALAMMBO I pericoli di Cartagine

    Terzo secolo a.C. Nonostante l'appoggio di migliaia di mercenari, la fiera città di Cartagine ha subito una cocente sconfitta da parte della sua rivale, Roma, nel corso della prima guerra punica. In mezzo ai massacri Salammbò, figlia del comandante delle forze cartaginesi, si innamora del capo dei mercenari, Mathò, che assedia la città per ottenere il pagamento dei suoi servizi. - Dopo il successo di Ring, un nuovo mondo proibito, nato dalle visioni di Druillet e realizzato dall'equipe di Atlantis. - Attraverserai giardini dalle fragranze pericolose e decifrerai antichi enigmi. Scenderai nel mondo degli inferi e scatenerai l'inferno sui Monti della Solitudine. - Una visuale a 360°, tutta giocabile con il mouse: ti troverai immerso nel mondo di Salammbò, accompagnato dalle note della celebre ed epica "Sinfonia del Nuovo Mondo" di Dvorak. - Completa questa superproduzione una serie di affreschi in 3D, vero e proprio giornale di bordo del giocatore, che riassume l'avventura e fornisce un punto di vista inedito sulla storia antica.

    Based on the comic strip "SALAMMBO", created by Philippe DRUILLET and published by WEditions ALBIN MICHEL". Based on the novel by Gustave Flaubert.

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    Действие игры разворачивается в III веке до н.э., во времена первой Пунической войны. Несмотря на поддержку многотысячной армии наемников, Карфаген готов пасть под натиском Римских легионов. Войскам, воевавшим на стороне карфагенян, надоело ждать обещанного вознаграждения, и они осадили город.

    Саламмбо, дочь командующего войсками Карфагена и верховная жрица богини Танит, влюблена в Мато, предводителя восставших, и просит беглого раба Спендия доставить ему священную статуэтку.

    Вы окунетесь в дикий и чарующий мир Востока, мир кровавых войн и интриг. Спендию предстоит принять активное участие в борьбе наемников и защитников Карфагена, заполучить долгожданную свободу и власть, а также помочь двум влюбленным.

    Особенности игры

    • Приключенческая игра, основанная на романе Г. Флобера и комиксах известного французского художника Ф. Друлле
    • Игра «Саламмбо» создана командой разработчиков, авторов «Атлантиды III», одной из самых красивых приключенческих игр
    • Новый альтернативный взгляд на античную историю

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    In 264 BC, Hannibal's proud city has just been overrun by its rival Rome in the first Punic war.

    Tired of waiting to be paid, the mercenaries who fought for Carthage against Rome revolted and laid siege to the city.

    In the very heart of the disruptions and massacres, Salammbo, the daughter of the Shophet Hamilcar, commander of the Carthaginian forces, falls in love with the chief of the rebels, Matho, who is leading the war against the city.

    Portraying Spendius, an escaped slave and companion of Matho, the player will discover the fantastic history of these mercenaries who fought against Carthage. Spendius is a survivor and an opportunist more than a conqueror. He is a man who stays in the shadows, much more suited to slipping in the night into an enemy city than confronting an enemy face to face...

    To save his life, he will have to encourage this war and try to take advantage of the disturbances to gain power, fortune and perhaps the love of the beautiful Salammbo...

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Sep 06, 2004.

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    The proud city of Carthage has been overthrown by Rome, its arch rival. In the midst of war, Salammbo, the daughter of the commander of the Carthaginian forces, must deliver a message to Matho, the leader of the mercenaries, the main force laying siege to the once glorious city. Putting her life in your hands, she asks for your help.

    Take on the role of Spendius, a favored slave and Matho's close companion. Discover the epic story, first as a fugitive, then a spy, a soothsayer and finally a General, and forge your destiny in a world filled with treason and exceptional heros.


  • A dramatic and epic adventure, with many unique and intriguing characters to interact with.

  • Adventure, action and strategy gameplay elements.

  • A series of beautiful original 3D artwork frescoes integrated into the storyline and interface.

  • Immersive, ambient and emotional soundtrack, including Dvorak's 'New World Symphony'.

  • Based on the famous Flaubert novel and Philippe Druillet's cult comic strip.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Jan 25, 2004.