Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Dec 06, 2006
Rating  :  4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars

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The Triumphant Return Of Everyone's Favorite Bipedal Dog And Psychotic Rabbity-Thing!

The Good

In 1993, Sam & Max: Hit The Road, was released. And quickly became a fan favorite. Based on the comics of Steve Purcell, the game was hilarious, and a huge hit. And a sequel was in the works. Fast forward to 2000, when Lucasarts, announced that they no longer would develop games. This effectively killed the sequel titled, Sam & Max: Freelance Police. Shortly thereafter, Telltale Games, made up of former Lucasarts members many of whom worked on the original game, began work on a new Sam & Max game. Earlier this year after a 13 year absence, in the world of video-games, the “Freelance” Police, return, and Mr. Spatula was there.

The first episode in a six episode season. We find that Sam & Max, have not worked in some time.(Have they had to wait 13 years like us?) Their new case, involves former child stars running amok in the neighborhood. With your help Sam & Max, must solve the mystery of these miscreants.

During the case, they will visit, many familiar places such as, their office, street, Bosco’s Store. As well as some new ones such as the home for former child stars. As per adventure game tradition, you collect items, use them to advance, talk to the various characters, and can look at things in the area to hear oft hilarious descriptions from Sam.

There is a new mini-game, which is a parody of GTA. In which you drive wildly, shoot your gun, and use excessive force to pull over “law breakers”. It is quite fun, unlike GTA. And can provide a distraction, when you can’t figure out what to do next, not that that is often.

The graphics are great. They really hold up to the cartoony style of the original game. Without stopping to using cel-shading. And not only do the are the visuals sharp and amazing looking, they also do NOT require a really powerful video card, which is always nice.

The sound is high also is very high quality. The music is jazzy and sounds great, as well as fit’s the game. The voice acting does not disappoint either. While the voice actors are different from either the original game, and that of the short lived animated show. The voice actors do an amazing job. And I daresay the new voices actors are even better than that of the original.

The Bad

Alas, this game, is not perfect. Few are. For starters, the game is a little too easy. I only got stuck once, and therefore, finished the game quite quickly.

That brings me to another negative, the game is very short, and can be completed in under six hours. Of course, it is episodic in nature, with the next episode due in January, then every month after word. But a month is a long wait, for another “episode”.

This may turn off some gamers, yet they could just wait a little longer until all the episodes are released, in May. What’s a few months compared to 13 years?

The Bottom Line

In the end however the good outweighs the bad. As the game is just as fun and funny as the original.(Just watching Max do things in the background is hilarious!) There is nary a part in the entire episode that is not funny. It also maintains the high production values we have come to know and love. And for only $8! $35ish if you purchase all the episodes in advance.

Sam & Max, is arguably one of the best adventure games out there.( Despite what some dumb whore on G4 might say, Ico is a better game my ass;) And this is a most excellent sequel. (With 5 more episodes to come!) Perhaps since the fantastic Grim Fandango.