Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Jan 22, 2007
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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"You Crack Me Up Little Buddy."-Sam, The Bipedal Dog-

The Good

Episode 2 of Sam and Max is upon us. With 4 more on the way later this year. But after the triumphant return of the two wacky private dicks in Sam & Max: Culture Shock. Can Sam & Max: Situation Comedy, live up to all the hoopla?

“Hey Sam, if it’s always getting later, how come sometimes it’s early?”

In this outing we find the boys heading to the local T.V. Station, WARP. To try and save the poor saps being held hostage by Myra Stump. Myra is an overzealous talk show host that may seem more than a little familiar. But first the “Freelance” “Police”, must gain their 15 minutes of fame, and become scandalous before they will be granted access to Myra’s show.

Upon arrival at WARP, after a quick stop by Bosco’s of course. Sam & Max, must first audition to be on the idiot box. From here they will become the stars of a laughably bad sitcom.(Aren’t they all?-MM) Called “Midtown Cowboys”.

The daring duo must also host the how-to show, “Cooking Without Looking”. Compete on “Who Will Never Be A Millionaire!” And Sam will have to make an ass out of himself by singing on the hit reality show, “Embarrassing Idol”.

Situation Comedy is as we have come to expect from Sam And Max, a hilarious adventure. It is practically bursting with jokes. And they seem to come at you even faster!

“You know who would have liked that? Max.”

The meat of the game remains largely the same. As per adventure game tradition. However it is important to note, that this adventure has less emphasis on item collecting and usage. And more dialogue based solutions. But this is not at all a bad thing. In fact it helps make the game more fun in the end.

In addition to the usual gallery of loony inhabitants. This episode introduces new ones as well. The villain Myra Stump, fares a little better than Brady Culture. Other newbies include: Hugh Bliss, what a wacko! And my favorite Sir Featherly. The chicken co-star of Sam & Max. And a Shakespearean actor to boot!

The graphics are still amazing. With great attention to detail. As well as very good animations on all the inhabitants of Sam & Max’s twisted reality.

The Bad

The sound and music, like the previous episode will not disappoint either. Nor will the superbly written dialog.

Sam & Max: Situation Comedy, seems even shorter than the first episode.

It is just as easy if not more so. But at least you cannot get stuck as in older adventure games.(Ahem…King’s Quest-MM-)

The Bottom Line

This is a very welcome addition to the 1st season of Sam & Max. And actually stands alone better than did it’s precursor.

And with Episode 3 due in less than a month, I can say with renewed confidence, keep ’em coming!

Episode 4, entitled “Abe Lincoln Must Die!” has me laughing already!