Sam & Max: Season Two Credits

Telltale Games

Executive ProducersDan Connors, Kevin Bruner, Brett Tosti
Designed & Written byBrendan Q. Ferguson, Charles Jordan (as Chuck Jordan), David Grossman (as Dave Grossman), Heather Lee Logas (as Heather Logas), Ian Dallas, Jeff Lester, Steve Purcell
Design DirectorDavid Grossman (as Dave Grossman)
Lead ProgrammerRandy Tudor
Art DirectorDavid Bogan
MusicJared Emerson-Johnson
ChoreographersDaniel Farjam Herrera, Marco Brezzo, Ricardo Montalban (as Montalban), Nick Herman, Randy Tudor, Jonathan Sgro, David Bogan, John Drake, Tim Reardon, Jeff Sarre, Bryon Caldwell, Eric Parsons
Character ModelersJonathan Sgro, David Bogan, Lèa Mai Nguyen (as Mai Nguyen), DQE, Kris Kilayko
Environment ModelersKim Lyons, Brian Gillies, Lèa Mai Nguyen (as Mai Nguyen)
AnimatorsDavid Bogan, Andy Welihozkiy, Ricardo Montalban (as Montalban), Jeff Sarre, Tim Reardon, Loren Cox, Ryan Hood, Jason Porter, Jed Heuer, Kennet Haunstrup, Bryon Caldwell
ProgrammersJohn Drake, Mark Darin, David Grossman (as Dave Grossman)
Technical Art & EffectsJohn Drake, Mark Darin, David Grossman (as Dave Grossman)
Interface & Title DesignJake Rodkin, Lèa Mai Nguyen (as Mai Nguyen)
Concept ArtistGrant Alexander
ProductionBrett Tosti, Kris Kilayko
Lead TesterWill Armstrong
TestingScott Melzer, Jonah Goodman, Shaun Finney, Alex Cannon, Jeremy Acs
Sound DesignJared Emerson-Johnson, Julian Kwasneski
Sound ImplementationJared Emerson-Johnson, Damian Kastbauer
Voice DirectionJulian Kwasneski, Jared Emerson-Johnson
Voice EditingHarrison Deutsch
Voice ProductionBay Area Sound Inc.
Sound RecordingStudio.Jory.Org, AudioSFX
Recording EngineerJory K. Prum (as Jory Prum)
Marketing & PRJoel Dreskin, Emily Morganti
Web DevelopersDoug Tabacco, Mike Watson
Web & Graphic DesignJake Rodkin, Gary Lu
Web Production ArtistDavid Eggers ('not the Author')
ItDoug Tabacco
Build & Distribution EngineerJohn Seggerson ('Seg')
Product SupportWill Armstrong, Scott Melzer, Emily Morganti, Doug Tabacco
Additional ProductionEric Eberhardt, Emily Morganti
Retail Packaging DesignJake Rodkin, Gary Lu, David Bogan, Tim Reardon
Localization SupportGary Lu, David Eggers
OperationsAndre Blanadet, Rhoda Gravador-Kao, Greg Koll, Brian Piech, Lindsay Speth
LegalIra P. Rothken, Ian Rose, Jared Smith, Mark Barbolak
InternsMax Meyers, Kris Schneider
Mariachi ConsultantDaniel Farjam Herrera
Wedding PhotographersScott Melzer, Eric Parsons
Additional MusiciansJordan Wardlaw (Clarinets & Saxophones), Jesse Wickman (Drums & Percussion), Daniel Norris (Trumpets), Michael Whitwell (Trumpets), Scott Nygard (Trumpets), Charles W. Smith (as Charlie Smith) (Guitars), Bill Storkson (Guitars)
Created With the Telltale ToolKevin Bruner, Jonathan Sgro, Graham McDermott, Karen Petersen, Randy Tudor, Charles W. Smith (as Charlie Smith), Carlo Morgantini
Special ThanksJennifer Kloepping, Kashmir Connors, Alisha Piccirillo, Anna Embree, Gwen Sgro, Owen Bentley Sgro, Nicohl L. Bogan (as Nicohl Bogan), Ellen Michelle Bogan, Elisa Tudor, Nickolaus Tudor, Justice Tudor, Liberty Tudor, Denise Tosti, Alexis Tosti, Jason Armstrong, Grady Montgomery Armstrong, Tao Zheng Drake, Faranak Farjam Herrera (as Faranak Farjamrad Herrera), David Herrera, Cherie Herrera, Cristina Herrera, Hassan Farjamrad, Zahra Farjamrad, Bobby Farjamrad, Susan Rodkin, Rich Rodkin, Nick Rodkin, Terry Halter, Sue Logas, Jerry Logas, Kelsey Logas, John Lyons, Diane Caliva, Victor Caliva, Michelle Reardon, Keara Reardon, Kinsale Reardon, Jen Sarre, Noah Sarre, Geoffrey Evans, Jim Armstrong, Cathy Armstrong, Steve Purcell, Collette Michaud, Victor Kao, Michael Stemmle (As Mike Stemmle), Ron Gilbert, Aaron Foltz, Jared Huntington (Suitbro), Chris Remo, Kathie Berg, Alfred Peet, Carl Loschenkohl, Evie Loschenkohl, Sahba Motallebi, Gustavo DeLaforé, Nathan Finney, Robert Glover, Melanie Greeley, Tim Jarratt, Matt Lamers, Tara Wheat, Danton Thompson, Kathleen Glover, Nick Rodkin, Ryan Isaak, Peter Bui, Travis Grathwell, Shobha Kazinka, Bashir Ziady, Natalie Herman, Richard Herman, Jennifer Dockter, MC Frontalot, Andrew Langley, Joey Spiotto, Andy Staudt, Christof Staudt, Aaron Wilson, Bhautik Joshi, Grant Rodiek, Anne Halsall, Mike Thompson, Cafe Muse, Zuppa Dizucca, ...And Our Favorite Person: You
Telltale PetsLucky, Charlotte, Sandy, Cole, Stu, Wee Tees, Belle, Max the Dog, Gomez, Inky, Squiggle, Bella, Beau, Felina, The Buffalo, Gemba, Fritz, Brady, Fred, Squee, Buddha, Peanut, Chai, Mocha, Stripe, Ruffles, Brokeback, Babi, Robert Redfoot, Charlie, Lola, Fire, Ernst, Emma Dashwood, Smarty, Turtle, Jr., Handsome, Jones, Pazuzu, Mr. Spatula, Miss Moo, Quimby, Miss Piggy, Mr. P, T1, Eero, Misfit, R.I.P. Scout


Voice TalentsDavid Nowlin (as the Voice of Sam), William Kasten (as the Voice of Max), Terence McGovern (as Terry Mcgovern; as the Voice of Santa & The Spirits Of Christmas), Amy Rubinate (as the Voice of Crying Elf), Doug Boyd (as the Voice of Possessed Elf / Giant Robot), Melissa Hutchison (as Melissa Hutchison; as the Voice of Stinky), Joey Camen (as the Voice of Bosco), Amy Provenzano (as the Voice of Sybil), Roger Labon Jackson (as the Voice of Aba Lincoln / Mariachis / Grandpa Stinky / Satan), Jared Emerson-Johnson (as the Voice of The C.O.P.S.), Cathleen Riddley (as the Voice of Momma Bosco), Brian Sommer (as the Voice of Brady Culture), David Boyll (as the Voice of Hugh Bliss)

Atari Worldwide Publishing an Production (Global)

ProducerNicolas Frot
Executive ProducerNadège De Bergevin
VP of Product DevelopmentHudson Piehl
Director of Strategic PlanningWill Treves
VP of Interactive PropertiesKathy Butters
Director of Production SupportSamuel Gatté
Worldwide Communications ExecutiveJohn Tyrrell, Melissa Claire Flauraud (as Melissa Flauraud)
Finance DirectorLisa Bonk
Senior Manager Certification - North AmericaCecilia Munoz
Gameplay and Positioning Product ManagerAlexandre Enklaar
Market Research AnalystEric Degrois
Game Evaluation Service ManagerJean-Yves Lapasset
Game AnalystsJocelyn Cioffi, Andre E. Bermudez
QA Product LeadJason Cordero
Quality Control ManagerVincent Laloy
Product Support ManagerEzequiel Nunez ('Chuck')
Production Support ManagerEzequiel Nunez ('Chuck')
Localization Project ManagerEmilie Sciortino
Localization ManagerFranck Genty
Localization Technical ConsultantDidier Flipo
Manager, Compatibility and Engineering ServicesDavid Strang (as Dave Strang)
Compatibility AnalystPatricia-Jean Cody
Senior Compatibility AnalystChris McQuinn
Engineering Project ManagerEmeric Polin, Stéphane Entéric
Engineering Services ExpertPascal Guillen
PresidentPhil Harrison
CEO & ChairmanDavid Gardner

Worldwide Distribution (Global)

Marketing ManagerMathieu Piau
Business Development DirectorAlexandre Breas
VP, Head of Marketing & 3rd Party BusinessOlivier Comte

Marketing, Sales & Operations (Europe)

VP Europe Distributions OperationsChristophe Delanoy
Manufacturing DirectorCaroline Fauchille
Printed Materials Project ManagerSandrine Dubois
CopywriterVincent Hattenberger
Director Supply ChainAlain Fourcaud
Manufacturing CoordinatorsElise Pierrel, Mike Shaw, Delphine Doncieux, Jean Grenouiller
Planning Project ManagerSophie Wibaux-Meliet
Sales Administration ManagerAnne-Sophie Barale
Product Managers Local MarketingNico Deleu (Benelux), Frieder Bartussek (Germany), Chris Altiparmakis (Greece), Mario Vacca (Italy), Kalle Lagerroos (as Kalle Lageroos), Pablo Tamargo Sitges (Spain), Justin B. Mingo (USA)
Marketing Manager (Local)Béryl Bréas, David Miller

Web Team

European Web ManagerRenaud Marin
Web Coordination ManagerVéronique Salmeron-Genot

Marketing, Sales & Operations North America

VP of MarketingJeff Reese
Product ManagerVeronica Franklin
Marketing CoordinatorIfeoma Obi
Manager of Customer Releationship ManagementJames Giambrone
Customer Support RepresentativeFred Maldonado
Manager of Channel MarketingJoanna Negron
Public Relations ManagerAlissa Bell
Creative ManagerJohn Kauderer
SVP of SalesTim Flynn
Director of Sales, Canada, Mexico, UsaGordon Mitchell
Senior National Sales DirectorStephanie Ponce
VP of Inventory & Operations AccountingRobert Spellerberg
Lead Senior BuyerLisa Leon
President of Atari, Inc.Jim Wilson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zerobrain (3018)