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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.8
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.2

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ZTGameDomain (Apr 30, 2011)
For those tower defense fans out there looking for a twist on the genre, Sanctum should hit the spot. Spyn Doctor has blended the traditional style of tower defense with FPS for a result that isn’t quite like anything else out there. Having the run of the battlefield provides an interesting safety net that other TD games don’t provide, enhancing the enjoyment of seeing the creepy crawlies get blown to bits. There are enough enemy types to keep you on your toes and test your tactical reasoning, with many combinations of weapons at your disposal to optimize your carnage. It’s an innovative and enjoyable experience and one that I lost myself in as time flew by.
Bit-Tech (Aug 09, 2011)
Sanctum isn’t a truly great game – it needs more content and a few more customisation options to earn that recognition in our eyes. Still, even as it is at the moment, it comes pretty close and provides a brilliant, if short-term, gaming fix.
Video Games Daily (Apr 29, 2011)
Sanctum is a pretty fun game. In addition to the single player missions there’s also a cooperative multiplayer component and a whole list of achievements to be… achieved. It will only run you $14.99 on Steam, so if you have any interest in the tower defense genre, Sanctum is definitely worth a look.
XGN (Aug 30, 2011)
Speel jij graag tower defense games? Dan zul je smullen van Sanctum. De mix van tower defense en first-person shooter werkt lekker en voor een prijs van slechts 9,99 euro op Steam kun je de game haast niet laten liggen. Het zou fantastisch zijn als de ontwikkelaar in de komende tijd nog wat extra levels aan de game toevoegt, waardoor je weer een aantal uur bovenop de circa vijf uur durende singleplayer kunt plakken.
Gamer Limit (May 15, 2011)
If you enjoy tower defense games, download the trial and give Sanctum a shot immediately - just don't expect the full package to keep you going for a while.
NZGamer (May 10, 2011)
Sanctum is an accomplished hybrid of tower defence and first-person shooter. It's got its quirks but, really, what game hasn't? It's cheap enough, has loads of personality, and shows the kind of promise that suggests that a sequel (should we be so lucky) will knock it out of the park. Help make that happen and get yourself a worthwhile experience at the same time by snagging a copy yourself. It's about $20 or just over $30 if you buy a two-pack so you can play it with your friends.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 29, 2011)
Met Sanctum bewijst Coffee Stain Studios dat het nieuwe ideeën ook zo kan uitwerken dat het een aantrekkelijke en verslavende game oplevert. En dat geeft hoop voor de toekomst.
The game looks good with a cartoony, almost Borderlands look to it. It even sounds decent enough, though the sound effects and music are pretty generic. Overall, it's a solid game: a decent buy for fifteen bucks. It may be a bit too short to quite justify the expenditure, but it's a lot of fun through all of its unfortunately short length.
Daily PC Game Reviews (Nov 06, 2011)
Sanctum is an innovative marriage of the first person shooter genre with a tower defense game. The game play really hooks on you as you commit yourself to a plan that will make life a nightmare for all the nasty alien creatures hoping to destroy the cores of Elysion One. And no wonder it's so much fun, Sanctum is truly something Unreal!
75 (May 09, 2011)
Sanctum è un titolo che costa poco ma che ha molto da offrire in termini di novità. Esperimento interessante, riesce a divertire pur non avendo moltissimi contenuti. In realtà ci sentiamo di consigliarlo senza riserve soltanto a chi abbia voglia di provarlo in modalità cooperativa, perché la modalità single player è molto breve, pur essendo rigiocabile ai diversi livelli di difficoltà.
Destructoid (Apr 14, 2011)
Coffee Stain Studios does appear to be very open to community feedback, however, and a lot of beta players have been giving a ton of suggestions on things they'd like to see. So it's very likely that the game will eventually have more weapons, more enemy types and more maps. As it stands at the time of release though, Sanctum offers a fresh take on tower defense gameplay that is great at its core, but would benefit immensely from more, and more varied, content. The game certainly has a lot of potential in the long run, and the harder difficulties and co-op can get you your money's worth for now. Plus it's a cheap game, albeit slightly above being an "impulse buy" for most solo players. The best advise I can give you is to treat the game as a platform that will be more fleshed out in the future. If you are a fan of tower defense and FPS mechanics it's definitely worth checking out, although you may have to wait for the true potential of Sanctum to be fully realized down the line.
75 (May 04, 2011)
The bottom line is that Sanctum is a great twist on the Tower Defense genre, and it shouldn’t be missed by anyone that loves that sort of thing. It has a beautiful and strange setting, and some very inventive weapons and traps. It may need some beefing up here and there, but thankfully what’s here is a wonderful foundation to build on, and some studios never even get that far.
Still, it's hard to argue that Sanctum isn't loads of fun, and it's a decent buy at $14.99. While it could benefit from a wider range of weapons and environments, its engrossing and unusual gameplay makes it a safe bet for any dedicated tower defender.
Games On Net (Apr 20, 2011)
Small issues aside, Sanctum is an impressively polished piece of work and is an order of magnitude improvement over the prototype they released earlier. It's a brilliant piece of game design that will hopefully spawn a whole new genre - grab a friend and give it a try today.
GameSpot (May 04, 2011)
Sanctum may not be bursting with features, but it's different enough to draw your attention, and it's entertaining enough to keep it. Online leaderboards and Steam achievements provide further incentive for you to keep playing, though they aren't substitutes for the variety that more levels and modes would have offered. But what's here is nice to look at, enjoyable, and often challenging. And when you take in the mess of limp corpses clogging your passageways, or snipe that last soaring menace just before it reaches its destination, you appreciate what Sanctum brings to the genre.
GamingXP (Sep 09, 2011)
Ein Gelegenheitsspiel für die LAN-Party trifft es wohl am besten. Denn „Sanctum“ bietet keine Langzeitmotivation und auch die Abwechslung fehlt. Es gibt zwar zahlreiche Upgrade-Möglichkeiten, doch wenn man schon weiter fortgeschritten ist, „prügelt“ man nur noch auf die Monster ein. Doch warten wir ab, was die Zukunft so bringen wird. Denn Coffee Saint Studios hat angekündigt, noch einige Verbesserungen vorzunehmen, um sich den Titel schönstes Indie-Spiel am Markt nicht nur durch die Grafik zu verdienen.
Atomic Gamer (May 02, 2011)
When I look at Sanctum, I see an interesting art style and some fun action, but for the $15 price tag, there's a lot of untapped potential as well. It's not just in the lack of levels or overall content, but also in the types of enemies, the two-plane system (yep, there are flying enemies) stuck in a fully-3D world, and in the limitations brought out by your guns - even though they are upgradeable and can do tons of damage by the end. There's also something extremely frantic about this game and the constant perspective shifting you'll have to do just to survive later waves can be a bit disorienting; this is clearly not a game for casual players, but it's also missing deeper features for super-hardcore players. Sanctum isn't for everyone, but for a dedicated pair of FPS/strategy-loving people in the same room, it's a damn fine choice for for a fun weekend of innovative tower defense.
GamesRadar (Apr 25, 2011)
Sanctum is a neat concept and its modest price warrants a look. While the combat in the game leaves much to be desired, the new perspective on the tower defense genre is a welcome and refreshing change of pace. It only contains a few maps at the moment, though they offer much to master - particularly on the higher difficulty settings. Everything about the title is well-balanced if a bit slow-paced, and the maniacal cackle the player character lets out when you’re on a kill streak is just plain charming in its own right.
GameZone (Apr 18, 2011)
While it has its flaws, Sanctum is a unique and commendable twist on the tower defense genre. The first-person shooter elements and incredibly fun multiplayer aspects offer a fun experience, and with the promise of new downloadable content on the horizon, the game is worth forgoing a few McDonald’s Happy Meals to pick it up.
67 (May 07, 2012)
In gerade mal elf Levels verliert sich der Kampf um den Kern zwar in etlichen Wiederholungen, trotzdem ist Sanctum eine sehr schicke und spielerisch sinnvolle Erweiterung der Tower Defense: Die geschickte Verteidigung aus der Ego-Perspektive ist für den Sieg unabdingbar und der clevere Aufbau von Mauern und Geschützen von zentraler Bedeutung. Weil die Angreifer stur ihrem Pfad folgen und sämtliche Verteidigungsanlagen automatisch reagieren, erlebt man die Gefechte allerdings als eintöniges Tontaubenschießen - dabei haben Spiele wie Iron Brigade oder Dungeon Defenders längst gezeigt, wie aufregend der Kampf gegen anstürmende Gegnerwellen sein kann.
60 (Jun 23, 2011)
Sanctum, Sanctum, co já s tebou provedu? Nestojíš moc peněz a na pár hodin pobavíš, navíc autoři přislíbili vydávání nových map, někdy i bezplatných. Obsahu tedy není zase tak málo, máš svůj stylový a pěkný vzhled, ale s tou variabilitou hraní jsi mohla něco udělat. Různé typy nepřátel a věží nestačí, klidně stačilo třeba jen měnit místa, odkud se nepřátele rojí, donutit mě aktivněji přestavovat hradbu věží, nevadila by ani omezená možnost stavět v průběhu boje a třeba dynamické změny během něho. Určitě by ti pomohly alespoň nějaké prvky ozřejmující pozadí světa, mé motivace, proč jsem se tu vyskytl a co to je za divnou kouli kterou chráním. Stačilo málo a měla jsi svoji duši. A lepší hodnocení.
GameStar (Germany) (May 28, 2011)
Die Idee des Shooter-Aufbau-Mix ist zwar nicht brillant, aber gut. Doch leider kann die Umsetzung von Sanctum nicht völlig überzeugen. Dafür hapert es vor allem am Umfang. Kaum ist man richtig im Spiel, ist es auch schon wieder vorbei. Der Wiederholungswert tendiert gegen Null, da es in allen drei Levels praktisch immer nur einen sinnvollen Aufbau für das Labyrinth gibt. So verkommt nach einigen Gegnerwellen der weitere Spielablauf im Grunde zu ›Türme upgraden, draufhalten, Türme upgraden, draufhalten‹. Hier hätte ich mir etwas mehr Abwechslung und mehr Möglichkeiten für eigene, unterschiedliche Taktiken gewünscht. Mit einem Freund im Koop macht Sanctum die eine oder andere Stunde durchaus Spaß, aber dem Spiel fehlen Inhalte, die über längere Zeit fesseln würden.
Absolute Games ( (Sep 20, 2011)
Множество мелких недостатков разъедают Sanctum изнутри. Мало оружия, мало башен, мало карт, безбожно устаревшая графика, кособокий сетевой вариант, режим строительства от первого лица, придуманный заядлым мазохистом… Патчи и обновления, может, и поправят дело, но сейчас игра — скорее источник головной боли, нежели удовольствия.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Apr 20, 2011)
Honestly, I can’t imagine you regretting just taking the plunge and buying the damn thing. It’s the single best tower defense game I can remember playing since Defense Grid: The Awakening. In fact, I’m off to play some more right now. Bye!