Sanctum Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Level menu
Loading screen
Weapons and towers configuration
Overview of the map
Building a block
Here comes the first enemies
Enemies gets attacked by turrets
Information about upcoming enemies
Using the sniper rifle
Enemy getting shot by laser
This enemy got past my turrets - I can still try to finish him off with my guns though
Oh no! He reached the core
End of level results
On this level enemies attack from multiple directions
Using the shotgun
These only take damage from the rear
The ampfield increases the damage inflicted on creatures standing on it
The core is exploding
Game over - and the enemies do a little dance with their party hats on
The soaker takes more damage for each hit it takes
They come from the sky - and I haven't got any anti air turrets
Being close to the action
Using the rex rocket launcher
Bobble heads - a nightmare for snipers
They are tiny but plenty and fast