Sanitarium (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Written by  :  Ricardo Ramirez (2)
Written on  :  Oct 01, 2004
Platform  :  Windows

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Sanitarium is much more than a game, it's an obsession

The Good

I had played this game the first time about 6 years ago, at a friend's house, but never finished it. The other day, I went into an EB Games store and to my delight I found a "previously played" Sanitarium original three CD set. I truly enjoy these types of games because they challenge the mind. Your hand-to-eye is not tested as much as your brain: a feature that a lot of today's newer games are lacking.

The Bad

Some of the clues are hard to figure out. Right now, I am still using CD #1. I have figured out who "Mother" is, what she wants to do and why the kids respect her so much. I just don't know what to do with the rubber house and with the car jumpers. Can someone help? Don't give me a walkthrough or the answers, just clues that can help figure out what to do with these items.

The Bottom Line

This game must be in your games collection. If you don't have it, you better get it !!!