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Official game's website:
    In the near future, Psionics are among us. Their evil thoughts pulsate across time and space corrupting even the strongest minds. Players assume the role of Agent Cain, a powerful Psionic working for an elite government agency. As Cain, you strive for mastery of innate psychic “Talents” such as the ability to shoot fireballs or the power to summon hideous creatures. Using these “Talents” depletes both Health and Sanity, so players must walk a fine line to ensure that they don't lose their minds!

    SANITY™ and SANITY: AIKEN'S ARTIFACT™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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Press Release:

    Fox Interactive Combines Bad Boy Image with Comic Book Style
    to Create an Unforgettable Fantasy Adventure Game

    LOS ANGELES (May 11, 2000) -- Fox Interactive today announced at The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that hip-hop superstar, Ice T has been cast to record the voice of Agent Nathaniel Cain, the lead character in Fox Interactive’s latest science-fiction fantasy adventure game, Sanity, Aiken’s Artifact. Committed to taking interactive entertainment to the next level, Fox Interactive continues to deliver a comprehensive gaming experience where its characters come to life to entertain and immerse fans into the world of computer games.

    Scheduled for release late this summer, Sanity, Aiken’s Artifact is a third-person adventure game where players assume the heroic role of Agent Cain, a powerful Psionic, groomed from birth to serve the public and lead the war against rogue Psionics. The familiarity of Ice T’s domineering and powerful vocals will help define Cain and build a strong identity for his character.

    "We could not have asked for a better match than Ice T to record the voice of Agent Cain. He exudes the confidence and unique personality that we want for our lead character," stated Dave Shaw, executive director of worldwide brand marketing, Fox Interactive. "Now, players will definitely be able to identify with Cain as they immerse themselves into his insane world."

    Insane In the Membrane
    Thirty years from now, citizens around the world have begun to display remarkable psychic abilities. Called Psionics, these tormented souls are able to generate and control energy emissions using only their minds – often with catastrophic and deadly results. Succumbing to the lure of the power they possess, these Psionics will stop at nothing to achieve control of the universe.

    In Sanity, Aiken’s Artifact, the mission is to stop the Psionics from taking over the world without losing Cain’s sanity. On their quest to bring the rogue Psionics to justice, players will infiltrate secret drug labs, explore demon-infested catacombs and even participate in a sick and twisted game show.

    The game has over twenty story-driven, single-player levels and two multiplayer modes: Deathmatch and Insanity. Multiplay for up to eight players via LAN and the Internet is also an option for gamers. Cain is able to fight with eight Totems (fighting styles) and over 80 Talents (spells). Players can also earn different Talents such as Fireball, Mummy’s Revenge and Wall of Bones which they will need as they progress through the game. Additionally, talents can also be downloaded from the Internet.

    It’s All About Ice T
    Ice T rose to popularity in the early eighties when hip-hop was all the rage. An avid gamer and a truly outspoken actor and recording artist, Ice T has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Nearly ten years after his rise to stardom, Ice-T now owns his own record label and records solo projects as well as collaborates on projects with his metal band, Body Count. Ice-T has also starred in several films and in an NBC television series called Players.

    Development of Sanity, Aiken’s Artifact
    Sanity was developed by Seattle-based Monolith Productions, Inc. and contains stunning graphic features and special effects within enormous detailed environments. The game utilizes the proprietary LithTech 3D engine in a free floating, isometric perspective.

    About Fox Interactive
    Recognized as an innovative industry leader, Fox Interactive, an operating unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a News Corporation company, is committed to developing a full range of bold and engaging interactive entertainment. The company creates computer and video game software based on Fox franchises as well as new and original properties. Fox Interactive games currently released include the 3D platform game CROC 2, thetop selling PC hit Aliens versus Predator, The X-Files, DieHard Trilogy, Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas, The Simpsons Cartoon Studio and Virtual Springfield.

    Check out Fox Interactive online at

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Electronic Arts Germany website - Windows:
    Dieses Spiel wird nicht mehr hergestellt.

    Dreißig Jahre in der Zukunft eignen sich Menschen in der ganzen Welt bemerkenswerte psychische Fähigkeiten an. Diese geplagten Seelen, genannt die Psionics, können Energie mit Hilfe ihres Geistes generieren - oft mit katastrophalen und sogar tödlichen Folgen.

    Berauscht von der Macht, die sie erlangten, machen die Psionics vor nichts halt, denn sie wollen das Universum beherrschen ... - bis sich ihnen ein Mann in den Weg stellt: Nathaniel Cain. Kann er die Psionics daran hindern, die Welt zu erobern und seine geistige Gesundheit dabei nicht einbüßen?

    Aiken´s Artifact ist im Comic-Stil gehalten. Die Hauptfigur Nathaniel Cain wird von Ice T gesprochen. Alles in allem ist Aiken´s Artifact ein einzigartiges Science fiction-Abenteuer mit isometrischer Pertspektive.


  • Action-Adventure mit isometrischer Perspektive
  • Über 20 handlungsbasierte Einzelspieler-Levels
  • 8 Totems (Kampfstile) und 80 Fähigkeiten (Sprüche)
  • Spieler verdienen "Fähigkeiten" wie Feuerball, Mamis Rache, Knochenwand und Auge des Ra, die ihnen im Spiel von Nutzen sind
  • Erstklassige Grafik und tolle Spezialeffekte in riesigen Umgebungen
  • Verwendung der LithTech2 3D-Engine in einer freifließenden, isometrischen Perspektive
  • Multiplayer-Spiel für bis zu 8 Spieler über LAN und Internet
  • Multiplayer-Modi einschließlich Deathmatch und Irrsinn
  • Spieler können zusätzliche Fähigkeiten aus dem Internet herunterladen und damit unter Freunden Handel treiben

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Unknown Source:
    In the near future, Psionics are among us. Their evil thoughts pulsate across time and space, disrupting and eventually corrupting even the strongest minds. One man, Agent Cain, a powerful Psionic working for an elite government agency, stands against them, risking his own sanity to save ours.

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